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FAR to launch automatic bar feeder VerSys VF15 at IMTEX 2019

The Bengaluru-based Fenwick And Ravi (FAR), a supplier of critical accessories to machine tools, will launch its fully automatic short bar feeder VerSys VF15 at IMTEX 2019. “We are going to launch our new Bar Feeder (VF series) which is fully automatic. It makes the operator works very easy and helps them save time and cost of production,” said R Ravi, Director of FAR.
The versatile bar feeder system VerSys VF15 completely eliminates setup change over time like pusher/pushrod manual changing, bar stock centre adjustment, etc. This will tremendously save machine down time. The compact design of VerSys VF15 features unmatched versatility with improved speed and accuracy.
According to FAR officials, top five reasons for peak productivity with VerSys VF15 are ultra fast automatic change over for round and hexagonal bar stocks, with in the whole diameter range; double axis servo control; truly automatic diameter adjustment and push rod changeover; fast, reliable & flexible; and wide bar stock range and length.
The user friendly touch screen HMI with cleverly organised menu system, guarantee effective communication between bar feeder, CNC lathe and the operator for safe and convenient working atmosphere. By entering bar profile and diameter through HMI, the feeder VerSys VF15 will take care of all setup changes by itself. Our breakthrough bar feeder technology allow the built- in push rod to the machine center, based on the diameter entered in HMI, so on need to manually change the push rod. This will completely eliminate the setup change inside the bar feeder by answering ‘Bar profile’ and ‘Enter bar diameter’, through HMI,” said the company officials. 
The VerSys VF15 will self setup the automatic adjustment of bar picking system to pick one bar at a time; automatically position the bar precisely to the machine center;  automatic positioning of appropriate push rod to the machine center; and automatic feeding force suitable for the bar stock.
Fenwick And Ravi (FAR), a leading machine tool company, manufactures bar feeders, hydraulic self centering steady rest, zero point clamping systems, angular milling head and other customised work holding machines. These products are used in various industries such as automobiles, defense, railways, aerospace, machine tool industries, etc. 
FAR's products are compatible with HAAS, Doosan, Takisawa, Morei Seiki, Mazak, Kia, CNC Takang, HNK, Alextech, Proking Lates, Leadwell, Okuma, YCM, DMG, Niles-Simmons, ECOCA, Landis, Schaudt, Toss and Indian Machines. FAR's products are exported to all over the world.


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