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EMAG will grow with rise in need for new manufacturing technologies

…says Gururaj Patil, Managing Director, EMAG India Pvt Ltd (which offers manufacturing solutions for precision metal components), in an interview with Rakesh Rao.
What is your focus at IMTEX 2019?
IMTEX has always been a platform to showcase latest in technology and innovations, and what we can offer to manufacturing industries. At IMTEX 2019, which also happens to 50th anniversary of the exhibition, our core idea is to integrate different manufacturing processes and offer machine that can do multiple functions so that the customer need not have to invest in too many machines. We are also automating various manufacturing processes. These steps offer 3-fold advantage - ie they help in saving space, reducing human intervention to great extend, and ensuring repeatability/consistence of the parts (especially in industries like automotive). 
From 2017, we have been involved in Industry 4.0, whereby we network processes so that we have better control on machines and technologies that we offer to the customers. 
Any new launches planned in 2019…
From our global portfolio in 2019, we are coming out with new solutions for the gear manufacturers to address their requirements of different modules in the same machine.
Nowadays companies prefer single machines to do multiple processes. Are you seeing this trend in India as well?
In India, right from the ages, companies have been using different machines for different manufacturing processes - like turning, milling, induction, etc. However, now customers are interested in machines that can perform multiple operations. We offer a machine that can perform turning and grinding. The requirement of such machines is growing. 
We are not only integrating the processes, but also automating the processes to ensure that customers get high amount of precision, repeatability and longevity of the equipment that they invest in. 
How is the response for this machine - globally and in India?
Globally response has been quite good from OEMs and their suppliers. In India, we are looking to tap manufacturers of gears (for automotive and non-automotive applications) so that they can produce more output (ie parts) in given amount of space. Companies who are interested in high amount of throughput are investing in our machines. 
Besides automotive, industries such as aerospace, surgical equipment (medical implants), electronics (where precision is the key to produce small components), etc are our major customers.
How can Industry 4.0 support the growth of manufacturing sector in India? 
The ultimate aim of Industry 4.0 and integration of machinery (that we are talking about) is to remain agile (because when companies invest in plant and machinery, they look at their own customers who might demand different types of components).
For example, in automotive industry, with BS 6 emission norms coming into force in 2020, components are also subjected to change. Customers cannot afford to have new machine for every change in the component need. Primarily, you are looking at machines, which not only integrate your processes, but also ensure that you remain agile with respect to change in requirement of the customers. So the machine has to be versatile to meet the evolving needs of the customers. 
What are your growth plans for EMAG in India? 
We are very positive and buoyant about growth in India. It is all about how fast and precise you can produce the parts, and how agile you are with respect to customer needs. Also, it is important to combine various processes and then give it to customers.
In the next 3 years, manufacturing activity is going to increase in India with various initiatives of the government to push domestic production. This will lead to increase in investment in manufacturing. EMAG will also grow with this rise in need for new manufacturing technologies and machines.


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