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Dow strengthens presence in India with innovative performance silicones

Mumbai, September 14, 2018
Dow Performance Silicones, a business unit of Dow India, is set to strengthen its presence in India through its innovative offerings in electronics, appliances and lighting. The business will be showcasing new, proven and upcoming silicone solutions alike under its recently announced DOWSIL brand at Productronica 2018, to be held in Bangalore from September 26-28, 2018. The portfolio also includes innovations in encapsulants, gels, thermal interface materials and hot melts that will cater fast emerging industries like E-vehicles, led lighting, mobile phones, appliances and allied sectors.
“Silicone application has grown exponentially over the years. The versatility of silicones makes it a material of choice for electronic equipment manufacturer to maintain optimum functionality amidst extreme temperature variations, humidity and harsh environmental conditions. We are all set to address the most pressing local needs through our innovations which will be elaborately showcased at Productronica,” said Dharmesh Shah, Commercial Leader, Dow Performance Silicones. 
The highlights of the showcase include wide range of adhesives formulated to deliver fast, flexible processing options for the assembly of consumer devices and displays. The products offer excellent reliability and rework ability with a long shelf-life. The adhesives are largely unaffected by immersion in most of the liquids that commonly encounter electronic devices making them a material of choice for business aiming to deliver maximum value to user-industry.


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