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Digitalization paves path for sustained growth for machine tools industry: Vijay Pratap Singh

India’s machine tools production market increased by 25.7 per cent to Rs 7,293-crore in 2017-18 from Rs 5,803-crore in 2016-17. It is this evolution which has led to At the same time, the industry is witnessing a rise in digitalization. With the help of digitalization the Indian machine tool manufacturers have been focusing on critical areas, says Vijay Pratap Singh, Head of Motion Control Business, Digital Factory, Siemens India. In this interview with Rakesh Rao, he explains how digitalization is radically changing the production environment and how is Siemens helping machine tools companies in their quest towards Industry 4.0.
How is the market of machine tools in India? 
Today, India ranks 12th in production and 8th in the consumption of machine tools globally. Booming from just Rs 5,803-crore in 2016-17, India’s machine tools production market soared to Rs 7,293-crore in 2017-18, registering a robust growth of 25.7 per cent in one year. 
From CNC machines and non-CNC machines to metal cutting machines and metal forming machines, growth was witnessed across the segments. The production of metal cutting machines alone reached Rs 6,562-crore during 2017-18 compared to Rs 5,194-crore in 2016-17. The key drivers of the industry in the past few years have been the rapid growth of core sectors and favorable government initiatives like duty drawbacks and exemptions. 
With 65 per cent of Indian machine tools catering to the automotive industry, other industry segments still rely heavily on imports, as a result of which almost 50 per cent machine tools are imported. Substituting these imports with locally manufactured machine tools will not only bridge the demand-supply gap, but also enhance the country’s manufacturing prowess and boost economic growth.
As a technology partner, how is Siemens helping machine tools companies in their quest towards digitalization & Industry 4.0?
Siemens has been a dedicated partner of Indian industry for decades committed to make its contribution in enabling the country’s aspirations as a manufacturing powerhouse. Siemens always brings and offers their global portfolio for the Indian market to enable Indian manufacturing and produce products in line with global quality standards. 
Digitalization is radically and sustainably changing the production environment, integrating and digitalizing the entire value chain is the key to staying competitive in the future – and Siemens is bringing its expertise in this space for Indian industry. 
While the Siemens digitalization technologies are sustainably improving customers’ productivity and competitive standing, the Digital Enterprise Suite is the solution for the complete process chain, right from machine tool builder to end-user level. Through initiatives like Additive Manufacturing and Digitalization Experience and Application Centre (DEX), Siemens is working jointly with India’s biggest OEMs as an influential knowledge center, supporting machine tool builders, dealers and end users, transforming manufacturing digitally – from designing and planning to engineering, execution and services.
How is the demand for your products? What is driving this demand?
Siemens has been at the forefront of innovation and we have seen consistent growth over the years due to these solutions that have been launched for the current and future market requirements. Reliability and robustness of these products have resulted in the increased demand from our customers. 
Our digital enterprise portfolio is key differentiator from competition. Siemens is the only company to provide all hardware and software solutions from design to services under one roof. We have the most comprehensive design, simulation & hardware portfolio which results in seamless integration and provides big value to our customers through standardization and interplay of these products. Our digital enterprise portfolio takes the innovation to the next level helping customers to adopt Industry 4.0 and move into digital manufacturing, from product design, planning, engineering, execution and digital services there by driving the demand. 
How is digitalization impacting the machine tools industry in India? 
The Indian manufacturing sector is highly competitive, continuous improvement in productivity and consistent quality to meet global standards is imperative for players to sustain in the global market. It is this evolution which has led to the rise of digitalization in the industry. 
With the help of digitalization the Indian machine tool manufacturers have been focusing on critical areas such as increased asset utilization; productivity through quality improvement; optimizing processes; leveraging IT to increase productivity and better management of productivity through appropriate performance metrics. Digitalization paves the path for increased productivity and sustained growth for the machine tools industry. As we see almost all organisations are looking at aspects of digitalization which is the right thing to do, we can decide how much we want to implement and when but not thinking about it will be a big mistake.
What will be the focus of Siemens at IMTEX 2019?
At IMTEX, we are showcasing the some of our cutting-edge solutions and services such as SINUMERIK Controllers and Solutions; MindSphere; CNC shopfloor management software; solutions in additive manufacturing; digital service offerings; whole digital production chain and production resource optimisation for OEMs and end customer, etc.
SINUMERIK combines automation, technology competence and digitalization to form a unique range of solutions, thus increasing the productivity. SINUMERIK CNC systems are the optimum solution for individual parts or mass production, for simple or complex workpieces. With the integrated solution of SINUMERIK, machine statuses can be automatically detected or simply entered by the machine operator. This allows organisational planning errors to be identified and resolved. Some of the notable Sinumerik solutions to look forward to are Sinumerik Blackline plus; Run MyRobot/Direct Control; Top Surface; Analyze MyWorkpiece/Tool Path; and Sinumerik SW 4.8.
MindSphere is Siemens’ open and cloud-based IoT operating system which helps customers to leverage all the advantages of cloud-based digitalization in machine tools. MindSphere can be experienced live through solutions like Mangage MyMachines and Analyze MyPerformance/OEE monitor through connected machines of various OEMs. 
Siemens will also participate in the Industry 4.0 pavillion where we plan to showcase the Ingenuity Truck. The Ingenuity Truck demonstrates a comprehensive array of innovative products, solutions and services covering electrification, automation and digitalization, as well as customised financing solutions for the manufacturing segment. The truck is part of a tour covering over 23 states and 120 cities across India over a period of two years. Key verticals targeted include automotive, food & beverages, packaging, machine tools, capital goods, power, pharma, cement, minerals and metals.


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