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Demand for clean and dry compressed air is huge: K S Sudhakaran

Compressed air provides the required energy to various equipment, tools, and machineries across different industry verticals. Pneumatic components, which are used in machine tools, need clean and dry compressed air for their effective and reliable function. Fulfilling the requirement of dry and clean compressed air for last 25 years is SANPAR Industries. Compressed air is one of the major utilities apart from electricity, water and steam in any manufacturing industry, says K S Sudhakaran, Managing Director, SANPAR Industries Pvt Ltd. In the interview, Sudhakaran highlights the importance of compressed air to machine tools and automotive industries.
Why is innovation so core to SANPAR’s business?
SANPAR Industries Pvt Ltd was established in 1994 to cater to the Indian industries with clean and dry compressed air for their machineries used in production. SANPAR serves core industries like automobile, machine tools, pharmaceuticals, steel, textile, aerospace, mechanical, etc. 
SANPAR regularly innovates its products and employs technologies that are latest in the realm of the industry. Energy conservation being the prime objective of the company, the innovation and design at the technical department of SANPAR complies with the philosophy of the company.
How important is compressed air for machine tools industry, in general, and metal cutting sector, in particular?
Machine tool is one of the fast-growing industries in India. Same is the case with metal cutting industry. We serve both the industries as they rely completely on pneumatics for their operations.
Pneumatic components need clean and dry compressed air for their effective and reliable function. SANPAR plays a big role with its compressed air dryers, oil removal coalescing filters and safety features that are attached to its dryers. 
SANPAR dryer ensures that at no given point of time the wet air enters their pneumatic components. We serve coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to a large extent where the accuracy of the measurement is the key. 
How do you serve the metal cutting sector in India? What kind of opportunities are you looking at in India? 
Metal cutting industry is another great opportunity for SANPAR. Cooling of the coolant used in metal cutting industry is where we contribute with our expertise in refrigeration technology. SANPAR has developed a niche for itself in the refrigeration technology that serves even the aerospace industry. The company supplies airborne liquid cooling systems for the airborne radars which have been hailed by the aviation and defence industry. 
That is the reason why SANPAR apart from being ISO 9001;2015 Certified is also certified to AS 9100 D, which being qualified to design and manufacture to aerospace industries. 
Which are the major end-user industries for your products & services? How is the demand from automotive industry?
SANPAR has been serving major industries in India since the last 25 years. Automobile and machine tool industries have been contributing to the growth of the company. We have OEM tie up with major machine tool manufacturers both nationally and globally. Thanks to these tie up, our dryers go along with these machine tool manufacturers to all the production units in India.Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, ISRO, LPSC, VSSC are some of our major end users apart from many other small and big ancillary units of automobile manufacturers who find appreciation and reliability with SANPAR make of compressed air products. Automotive and auto components manufacturing industries are the major focus for SANPAR.We not only serve these industries through our standard dryers called ECODRIR, but also with our big capacity dryers called XEROS.Automotive and auto ancillary units use huge amount of compressed air in their industries. Apart from machine tools, they need dry and clean compressed air for their production machineries as these machines are automated and industrial automation is through pneumatics. In addition to these applications, there are requirements for process air for their painting application. Painting is an important process in any automotive company. Hence, these auto companies have large centralised compressor stations. SANPAR supplies large capacity dryers to these centralised compressor stations to clean and dry compressed air at source itself. This ensures that the pipelines carrying air are protected for corrosion as dry and clean air prevents corrosion in pipeline. 
The major revenue of SANPAR comes from XEROS, which are loaded with modern features that make the dryer user friendly. These dryers are designed with major electronic gadgets that monitor the functions and performance and gives feed back to user instantly. 
How is the demand for your products? What is driving this demand?
Compressed air is one of the major utilities apart from electricity, water and steam in any manufacturing industry. Compressed air is part and parcel of any industry. As the manufacturing industry grows, the requirement for compressed air grows proportionately. 
There is a huge market for clean and dry compressed air and this sector will continue to grow in future. Make in India initiative by our government is also bolstering the demand. 
Are you going to launch any new product/technology/application at the IMTEX 2019?
We are launching new designs of our dryers and dehumidifiers during IMTEX 2019. 
What are your expectations from IMTEX 2019/ToolTech 2019?
We are quite optimistic about the outcome of this exhibition as IMTEX/Tooltech has proven to be the most effective and crowd pulling exhibition in India. 
Most of the professionals from the industry visit these exhibitions to keep themselves abreast about the innovations that take place in the manufacturing and the utilities divisions of the industries. 
Any message for visitors/exhibitors at IMTEX/ToolTech 2019…
SANPAR would appeal to the visitors to discuss and share their specific requirements during their meeting with the industry experts. These are very valuable inputs to the designers and manufacturers as they could design the products to meet the requirements of the industry.
IMTEX and Tooltech, therefore, serve as an important platform to exchange ideas with the user and the manufacturer of the products. 
What are your growth plans for the company?
SANPAR always have innovating ideas and has been developing new products to serve the Indian industries. The company does participate in the exhibitions and conduct seminars at the national and international platforms. 
We have charted our growth plans for the next 5 years. We had developed innovative products in different verticals during the last 25 years and we will continue to do so to serve the industry better. 
Incidentally, SANPAR is celebrating its Silver Jubilee in 2019. We are excited and some of the new developments are on the drawing board which will be launched in this Silver Jubilee year.  


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