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Delhi faces industrial shutdown due to lack of subsidised PNG connection

Nearly 300 industrial units were shut down in two industrial towns in the north-west Delhi – Narela and Bawana – since the plants had not shifted to Piped Natural Gas (PNG). According to reports, members of traders’ associations from both these places met Delhi’s Environment Minister Imran Hussain.
The representatives placed some issues before the minister such as a delay in procuring the PNG connection due to inspections and safety checks by private companies, and the problem of not removing garbage by Bawana Infra, a company which has the responsibility of redevelopment and municipal management through issues like street lights and drainage.
Traders from Narela raised the issue that the waste-to-energy (WTE) plant by Ramky Enviro Engineers was not allowed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to collect industrial waste. Hence it resulted in waste getting accumulated along the streets because even the landfills in the two areas were not allowed to accept it.
As reported, on the traders’ requests, the minister promised a subsidy of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh on a new PNG connection for industries. MSMEs in both Bawana and Narela are responsible and authorised industrial areas, which are willing to convert to natural gas. The traders have written to the Delhi government and want the conversion to PNG to be quickened. 
Minimum charges of PNG add to the burden of the industry that also pays minimum charges for electricity which increases the expense of manufacturing.


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