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Companies are looking to use smart CNC machine: Siddhu Jolad

CAD/CAM software offers machine tool companies a wide variety of design and CNC programming benefits. RadCAM Technologies is one of India's leading machinery, software service provider and consulting company. The company is prime partner of the Italy-based Euromac, which is a well known worldwide supplier of machines for sheet metal working, such as CNC punching, bending and notching machines utilising the most recent technologies and constantly refined to meet the most demanding market requirements for flexibility. In this interview, Siddhu Jolad, Managing Director and Business Head, Radcam Technologies Pvt Ltd, explains the importance of CAD/CAM and how Indian machine tools industry is slated for robust growth.
How has been the progress of Radcam over these years? What kind of products & services are offered by the company?
Radcam Technologies is associated with various European brands across sheet metal fabrication industry. We are the official partners of Euromac for India. The Italian brand has finest of CNC turret punching, bending, notching machine lines in the field. For metal cutting field, we represent the software from Israel which is Cimatron - the best CAD/CAM software for tool/mold designing and manufacturing. 
How is the current industry scenario in India? Where is Indian machine tools industry heading to?
Indian machine tool industry is slated to get a good growth for next five years and at the same time China is going to slowdown. Which means it’s a double delight! 
How do you serve the metal cutting sector in India? What kind of opportunities are you looking at in India? 
As I said before, we offer one of the best CAD/CAM software in this field which is not only cost efficient as compared to the top most player but also technical at par if not ahead!! That’s the power of Cimatron and people like it as compared to their traditional choices. 
Which are the major end-user industries for your products & services?
Metal cutting, metal forming and any engineering industry for that matter are major users of our products. We are complete solution company. 
What are your planning to tap the automotive & auto component industry in India? 
We have many big brands as our clients already in this field. The industry is heading towards automation more and more with every passing day. We are striving hard to keep up the pace with expectations. 
How is the demand for your products? What is driving this demand?
Make in India is propelling the demand for our products. People are now building things in India which includes the foreign entities too. This will keep going for a while now. 
Could please elaborate on some of the emerging trends that are being observed in metal cutting & machine tool accessories segments? 
The trend of CNC was started long ago, but now companies are now looking to use at smart CNC machine which has a combination of different things including IoT (Internet of Things). The sensor attached tools and machineries are already making their entries felt in market with advanced level of analysis against the process. 
What are your growth plans for the company?
Let’s wait and watch about what our customer needs until next call or email. We are happy to extend our portfolio as required and anticipated from us.
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