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Aventics expands electropneumatic control valves range

Pressure regulation tasks are diverse. The spectrum of applications stretches from extremely fast changes in the set point, to reliable, constant pressures, to smooth transitions that are made with pinpoint accuracy. Electropneumatic pressure regulators ensure sensitive pressure control by combining digital control electronics with innovative proportional technology. To support its customers in high-flow applications, pneumatics specialist Aventics is expanding its product portfolio with the EV12.
“The EV12 offers customers the first pressure regulator that fits precisely into the grid dimension of the AS series, the maintenance units from Aventics. In addition, the control valve communicates with the control, transforming it into an intelligent maintenance unit,” explained Hans Renders, Strategic Product Management at Aventics. A further advantage: The compressed air can be set up to flow either from right to left or from left to right, depending on the mounting orientation and requirements of the individual system.
The display enables reading of set values and parameters directly on site. The EV12 also offers a wide range of electrical connection options: using single wiring or IO-Link, or via I/O modules from the AV valve system (AES: Advanced Electronics System). Electrical pressure regulators offer another key advantage compared to manual regulators: they remain stable, even at increased loads.
The intelligent use of an electropneumatic pressure regulator depends on the kind of application and the actual tasks involved. With a flow of 6500 liters per minute, the new EV12 pressure regulator from Aventics is a further variant for customers. It can be used as a standalone product, in the AS3 device series, or as a battery for block assembly.


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