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Auto industry is driving the demand for cutting tools: L Krishnan

Cutting tools are primarily used in metalworking, in operations ranging from turning, milling, drilling, parting, grooving etc. With auto and auto ancillaries dominating the Indian manufacturing scene, they are the prime drivers of cutting tools market, says L Krishnan, Managing Director, TaeguTec India Pvt Ltd. Krishnan has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, application and sales of industrial products in various reputed organisations. In this interview with Rakesh Rao, Krishnan tracks development in metalworking industry and its impact on cutting tools suppliers. 
What is driving the demand for your products in the metalworking industry?
Our marketing philosophy is to be the customer’s partner in cost reduction, and this philosophy drives our efforts to constantly improve our bouquet of solutions for our metalworking customers. 
The Indian manufacturing scene is dominated by auto and auto ancillaries, and so it is for the metalworking industry too. They are the prime drivers of demand for cutting tools and other inputs for manufacturing.
How is the market of cutting tools in India? What are their key applications?
The market for cutting tools is growing, and this growth is coupled with growth in the manufacturing industry particularly the auto and auto ancillary makers. 
Cutting tools are primarily used in metalworking, in operations ranging from turning, milling, drilling, parting, grooving etc. 
Automation is increasing in metalworking industry. What is the impact of this on cutting tools industry?
Increased use of automation demands higher levels of security and reliability of cutting tools to ensure against breakage and premature failure. The challenge is to give products and services that give predictable performance consistently. Automation has far-reaching effects including but not limited to shaping customer expectations on productivity and precision, as well as specialised skill requirements.
Light-weighting is the buzzword in automotive industry. What is the effect of this trend on metal cutting industry and, in turn, cutting tools segment?
One of the strategies used by auto makers and their OEMs is to move towards aluminum and engineering plastics. We are constantly watching the trend and developing process and tools to machine aluminum and other such materials. 
How is TaeguTec gearing up to tap the opportunities in Indian defence & aerospace manufacturing sector?
Defence and aerospace are highly precision-oriented industries and are the main breeding grounds for significant technology applications and improvements. Additionally, increased use of newer materials is one of the biggest drivers of change in the cutting tool industry. Defence and aerospace use high-strength and high-temperature alloys like Ni-based alloys, Titanium, Maraging Steel, Armour Steel, Ni-Hard etc. which are difficult to machine materials. Tool materials, coatings, geometries and machining strategies need to be carefully tailored to meet the exacting demands of the aerospace and defence sectors. With deep knowledge acquired over the years to machine these types of parts, TaeguTec is fully geared to help these industries improve their products and processes. .
What is your opinion about IMTEX/ToolTech 2019?
Trade shows like IMTEX and Tooltech always spur momentum and motivate users and manufacturers alike. Irrespective of health of industry, every such show entails a marked increase in activity and demand for modern machines and tools. We are looking forward to welcoming our customers and to showcase our capabilities as well as our entire range of tools for the benefit of customers.  
What kind of growth opportunities are you looking at in India?
India is poised to grow rapidly from the current $400 bn economy to $ 1 trillion manufacturing economy over the next 7-8 years. We see this to be an opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the growth of the country. We are building capacities and capabilities to meet the future demand arising from India’s manufacturing industry. 


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