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ABB launches digital portfolio ABB Ability MineOptimize for Indian mining

ABB has introduced Ability MineOptimize, an innovative portfolio of optimised electrification, drives and automation solutions, optimised engineering, digital applications and collaborative services. It combines in-depth sector knowledge, leading edge technology and global and local project management, engineering and digital transformation expertise developed by ABB over 60 years of working with the mining and minerals industry at every stage of the mining cycle.
This comes at a time when the government of India last week announced the new National Mineral Policy 2019. With digitalisation at its heart, MineOptimize connects all electrification, automation and digital offerings to optimise all stages in the lifecycle, from design and build to operation and service – of any open pit or underground mine and minerals processing plant. Also, in the current scenario when Indian mines are combining renewables with thermal generation and battery storage, the aim is to increase efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint and overall costs.
“Optimisation of mining and mineral processing operations in order to improve productivity, reduce downtime and protect workforce and the environment is essential, and an important factor in being competitive in the market,” said Martin Knabenhans, head of product management, Process Industries business unit, ABB. “The ABB Ability MineOptimize portfolio offers open, digitally connected mining applications for unmatched operation, maintenance, process and production performance. As digital transformation partner, ABB Ability MineOptimize enables IT/OT integration for some of the world's most cost-effective mines.”
MineOptimize comprises a suite of digitally connected products, services and solutions, which include state-of-the-art digital technologies for remote services, predictive maintenance tools as well as solutions for upgrades and retrofits. Advanced application libraries, software solutions and digital platforms reduce process complexity, promote safe and secure production and lower lifetime operating costs. By ensuring that the right people have the right information at the right time and from anywhere, MineOptimize digital applications enable mine operators to maximise reliability, safety, productivity and energy efficiency while optimising planning and visibility across operations and the entire enterprise.
ABB will shape the future of mining by rolling out new electrification solutions, digital applications and collaborative services in the innovative MineOptimize portfolio throughout the year to enable sustainable mining by powering the all-electric mine, reinvent mining automation with the next generation of ABB Ability System 800xA for Process and power control, and improve availability through enhanced collaborative services with new predictive cloud based analytics for grinding, hoists and conveyors.
MineOptimize digital applications complement electrification and automation solutions, and dedicated mining systems for hoists, gearless or ring geared mill drives and material handling, which can be applied in the building or revamping of a mine. They will also sit alongside collaborative remote assistance, availability, performance and quality services.


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