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“New investments are expected to sustain the new change”

With the advent of the ‘smart’ era, it is now the turn of smart machines, smart manufacturing and smart factory. The aim is to almost fully computerise the manufacturing industry without much dependency on human involvement, informs Shyamal Ram, Senior Manager Sales, Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd.
Tell us about the products & services offered by your company and how you serve the machine tools industry.
Driven by a vision to build the company into ‘A Temple of Technology’, Jyoti was established in 1989 and today it is one of the largest multinational. Since its inception, the company has grown manifold and presently rightly identified as a technology leader among highly sophisticated CNC machine tool builders in India. The company has a wide product basket consisting of series in CNC turning machines and turn-mill centres, vertical machining centres, horizontal machining centres, 5-axis machining centres and multi-tasking machines, and the entire product range is having more than 150 variant models. We are the only one among Indian manufacturers to have such a huge product portfolio. This range helps us to meet the needs of our customers outright and we have earned the reputation of a one stop solution for metal cutting in the Indian market. Jyoti is well known in the Indian machine tools industry as a pioneer of new technologies. Jyoti has shown that Indian manufacturers can produce machines that could replace the imports, like high speed and high precision machines for aerospace industry, multi-tasking machines, etc. Jyoti is the first Indian manufacturer which introduced linear motor driven axes in machine tools and the indigenously developed high speed servo turrets for turning machines. 
What is driving the demand for your products? Which are the industries where you see a potential for growth?
Machine tools is the mother industry and backbone of the manufacturing sector, and thereby an important contributor to the country’s economy, which caters largely to the automobiles, aerospace, defence, railways, die & moulds, medical/health care equipment, energy, infrastructure, white goods and machine tools itself. So any demand across this wide industry segment is likely to push the demand of machine tools. Except for the current shake off period, definitely automobile in India is expected to grow. With the new stringent emission norms about to enter and implemented in the market, new investments are expected to sustain the new change in segment. Likewise, aerospace, defence, infrastructure are the industries to watch in the coming years.
How are you planning to capitalise INTEC 2019 as a platform for your company?
We are eagerly waiting for this exhibition, as this is the first machine tool industry event that is going to happen immediately after the General Election results. This exhibition is going to be an economic indicator for us to plan our capacity in the coming years. The takeaways would be industry and customer perceptions, as well the behaviour. Moreover, we are expecting to generate business with new contacts and brand exposure.
How is the industry and the government working together to push the machine tools sector?
After the Make in India initiative, there is a compelling environment to manufacture more and more in India. In 2016, the government rolled out the Special National Capital Goods Policy under which each and every capital goods sector’s issues are addressed. Machine tools being the backbone of capital goods, is getting a special attention here. Special skill development centres, subsidised capital goods purchases, schemes enhancing cluster approaches, machine tool parks, subsidised R&D for machine tool technology etc., are a few to name under this policy. Under this subsidised R&D scheme, Jyoti has recently developed a multitasking machine, where this segment is now dominated by imports. Jyoti is also running a skill development centre with the help of the government.
Can you tell us about some of the emerging trends in the machine tools sector?
Hybrid machines with additive manufacturing features are one of the emerging trends in the industry. Likewise, Industry 4.0 is a buzzword elsewhere in the industry. After smart phones and smart TVs, it is now going to be smart machines, smart manufacturing and smart factory! The plan is to almost fully computerise the manufacturing industry without much dependency on human involvement.
"We have launched several new products this year at IMTEX 2019, and some of them will be displayed at INTEC 2019. Particularly the smallest turning centre in our range DX 135 nvu along with PX 20 nvu, VTL 750, AX 200 MASY, among others."
Are you planning to launch any new product or application at the INTEC 2019? If yes, can you tell us about it/them?
We have launched several new products this year at IMTEX 2019, and some of them will be displayed at INTEC 2019. Particularly the smallest turning centre in our range DX 135 nvu along with PX 20 nvu, VTL 750, AX 200 MASY, Tachyon 7 and HX 510 will be in exhibits. Besides, we have come up with machine intelligence ‘7th Sense’ to start stepping towards the direction of Industry 4.0. This new software developed by Jyoti handles all machine data, from performance to efficiency and health checks, etc. You can access the data anywhere from the world on your phone and find out the running status of the machine. We have also developed an AI named Preci Protect for the first time in the machine tool Industry with the help of controller suppliers. The AI will help in finding the obstructions in its machining/moving axes path to avoid accidents, which would cause a fortune to the customer if the machine is a high value or high precision machine.
What are your expectations from INTEC 2019, and what message do you have for the visitors and exhibitors?
It is our heartfelt wish that this exhibition leaves a positive impression to each visitor as well as the exhibitor, and all the best to all of them for a wonderful year. We are awaiting their presence at Jyoti Pavilion, Hall-B, Stall-4 at INTEC 2019.


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