Tips to select the right generator set

Construction sites and infrastructure projects have crunched timelines. Sudden power loss brings the entire project to a standstill.
Tips to select the right generator set
Construction sites and infrastructure projects have crunched timelines. Sudden power loss brings the entire project to a standstill. Hence, selecting the right genset is of pivotal importance. Mithilesh Singh, Marketing Communications - Asia Pacific, FG Wilson, shares his views about the lookout points when it comes to selection of gensets and details on the pointers that are to be considered so that the generator set will have a long lifetime.
Working on construction sites or highway projects are tedious tasks by itself. But picture this, your deadline is approaching, everyone is hard at work, your welding torches and electric saws are up and running, and suddenly you lose power. Instantly bringing your entire project to a standstill and pushing your timelines by a mile, power loss and fluctuation can truly affect the quality of any project. This makes it imperative for you to have a generator set running to provide temporary power, possibly running all day for the duration of the project. To this end, generator sets powered by diesel engines seem to be the resource of choice. The Indian diesel generator market is now seeing an interesting turn of events with a world-renowned brand which has been around for over 50 years, making its mark in India. 
There are many different generator sets in the market, each catering to different needs. The best choice for you would depend on your needs. You have to look into various factors, the first of which is the frequency of use for your generator set. If you would need to use the generator set more often, it would be better to invest in a reliable model. 
The new and possibly strongest addition to the Indian genset market, FG Wilson, has brought to the country, an array of options for you to choose from. Ranging from 10 to 200 kVA, these generator sets are sourced and fully supported in India. They are also CPCB II emission compliant to suit the market requirements. 
The next factor to be considered is reliability. A generator set is a long-term investment and must, therefore, be capable of living up to the price you are paying & ought to be producing reliable, consistent and steady power. Mithilesh Singh from the FG Wilson India team says, “With over 625,000 machines operating across the world, FG Wilson takes no risks with quality or performance. Assembling a generator isn’t difficult, the real value comes in the testing and validation before a product launch. We don't accept engine performance data without validating it ourselves in the environmental conditions which our products will see. When someone buys one of our products, we can safely say that wherever it will be operating, it will have been tested for that environment.”  Thanks to the extensive testing, FG Wilson can provide you with a generator set that is built to stand the test of time. 
While finding the ideal generator set is of utmost importance, the ability to source parts and the presence of local & effective support is pivotal.  What you need are local dealers who carry parts and are trained to diagnose issues easily. In the absence of finding ideal support options, people often resort to replacing their generator parts like filters, with imitation or fake parts that are available cheaper and locally. This is done with the idea that locally sourced parts would save them some money. However, this may be a bigger problem than it is a solution. 
Whatever generator set you own, it is imperative that you fit genuine filters and change the oil as specified in your operator manual.  Don’t wait until you see a problem before you think about changing the filters or oil.  It could be too late. With FG Wilson, the support and assistance comes from a network of dealers who support customers with everything from product selection to installation and aftermarket support through a global parts warehouse stocking 11,500 parts and delivering up to three million parts a year.
The last cog in the machine that you must pay attention to, is the fuel itself.  As a generator set owner, you must be careful to buy diesel only from reputed suppliers and make sure that the tanker which delivers your fuel is used only for the purpose of transporting diesel. You must ensure that it isn’t containing diesel one day and something else the next as this could contaminate the fuel. You must also try to keep your tank filled to the top with fuel as this prevents condensation which is the number one cause of algae growth within the fuel tank.
Finally, if you don’t run your generator regularly, remember that the shelf life of the diesel in the tank is limited. Typically, diesel fuel starts to deteriorate after about 100 days.  The fuel begins to break down, clusters up and drops to the bottom of the tank as a dark sludge.  This can block filters and injectors, reduce engine efficiency and inevitably leads to engine smoke.  Over and above all of this, there are a few simple steps that you can take up, to ensure that your diesel generator set will have a long lifetime:
  • Check fluid levels before the onset of cold weather
  • Check the rubber components such as hoses & fan drive belts weekly
  • Drain any water from the fuel system
  • Once started, don’t power off the engine until it has reached a minimum operating temperature of 80°C.  This prevents intake valves and exhaust valves from sticking
  • Check air cleaners and the air intake daily, more often in snowy conditions
  • Fill the fuel tank only when the generator set is powered off
  • Keep all the batteries fully charged and warm (this is especially important if the generator set is not being operated regularly)
With these few steps & the consistent and relentless support provided by FG Wilson and its impeccably skilled dealer network, your generator set is bound to go the long run. Investments such as generator sets are often not given much thought but one must realise that every small detail can play a big role in ensuring that you get the best out of your resources.
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