Salvagnini to launch Social Industry concept at EuroBLECH

The concept combines two dimensions which complement each other - Social (digital, connected and respectful for man and the environment) and Industry (industrial, comprehensive of concepts as factory, process, production, flow)
Salvagnini to launch Social Industry concept at EuroBLECH
Salvagnini, an Italian company producing complete systems and machines for processing thin sheet metal, to introduce Social Industry concept at EuroBLECH - a trade fair for the sheet metal working industry to be held from October 23-26, 2018 in Hanover, Germany
Flexible automation and process efficiency are the cornerstones upon which Salvagnini has developed its range of products. Intelligent solutions capable of producing a wide variety of parts in sequence and without interruption, thanks to setup processes in masked time and automation devices that reduce WIP and eliminate human intervention in low value-added processing. The fourth industrial revolution is a natural evolution for Salvagnini, a path undertaken as early as 1985 till today, based on two winning and competitive aspects for companies looking at the future: machine connectivity and automatic factories operating lights-out.
At EuroBLECH, Salvagnini is taking another step forward and launching Social Industry, a concept that combines two dimensions which complement each other:
  • Social in its widest sense: digital, connected and respectful for man and the environment.
  • Industry: industrial, comprehensive of concepts as factory, process, production, flow 
The result is a combination of automated, efficient and adaptive processes, interconnected within and outside the company, respectful of the humankind and the environment, all communicating among themselves, which eliminate wip, maximise productivity, produce on demand, minimize scrap and consumption and save time.
From the point of view of technical innovations, EuroBLECH 2018 is the showcase where Salvagnini will be giving the world preview of its new punch-laser combi machine S1, an innovative solution featuring: 
  • A 2nd generation multi press head to manage simultaneously thick turret tools; 
  • A twin manipulator with adjustable set-up, which allows the best sheet utilization and reduced cycle time 
  • The fiber laser cutting head which eliminates all constraints associated with geometry
The second disruptive innovation is the B3.AU-TO, the super-automated press brake, equipped with the new AU-TO automatic tool changer, the ATA and ATA.L devices for setting up the upper and lower tools, for kit and batch one production.
Innovations are presented also in the L5, the high-dynamics laser now managed by a new trajectory planner able to reach highest performances with minimum consumption and maintenance. L5 will be connected to LTWS, the new tower store, equipped with a new sorting device.
An FMS and an FMC will also be exhibited at the booth to allow the close comparison of the different manufacturing strategies and the live interaction with the factory intelligence that regulates the production flows.
The S4+P4 FMS line will be managed by a brand new intelligence to maximize productivity and nesting, but also to improve the downstream operations.
The FlexCell FMC will be composed of different machines connected via SGV (self guided vehicles); among them it shines the P2lean-2120, the adaptive compact panel bender, a real concentrate of technology, the best seller panel bender of the 15 available Salvagnini models which can bend up to 203mm in height and 2180mm in length without retooling.
To live process efficiency at its fullest in the Salvagnini Social Industry, visitors will be invited to choose special giveaways, put them into production and then collect from the on-stand shop.
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