SUHNER “to go” cordlessly to the finest grind

The company presents new battery grinders which are mobile, enduring and powerful
SUHNER “to go” cordlessly to the finest grind
The company presents new battery grinders which are mobile, enduring and powerful
Suhner Abrasive Expert is now expanding its product range with a complete series of four mobile compact grinders. This series consists of the straight grinder ASC 9, the belt grinder ABC 7, the fillet weld grinder AKC 3, and the tube polisher ATC 7.
Advanced battery technology
What they all have in common is the robust SUHNER design, a powerful, latest generation electric motor, and efficient battery technology. A detachable particle guard protects the motor from coarse dust. The machines’ working speeds have been optimised to their respective applications. The powerful battery packs deliver 18 V for a total capacity of a 4 Ah. These properties make the grinders your reliable partners on the construction and assembly site.
They keep on and on and on
Intelligent battery management safeguards the perfect interaction between all components and the optimal use of the available energy. Also the temperature of the battery pack and machine is monitored continuously. If overheated or overloaded, the device is switched off by the electronics. A shock absorbent rubber jacket shields the battery packs from the hard knocks on the everyday building site.
ASC 9 battery straight grinder: Impressively powerful
The universal battery straight grinder ASC 9 is ideal for work with nonwoven brushes and flap wheels. Typical work includes the removal of tarnishing and blending on matt surfaces. The reduction gears fitted in the machine deliver a high torque and an unvarying working speed. All that a uniform grinding pattern needs. 
The machine is fitted with a chuck system that safeguards quiet running with minimised vibrations. Users can choose between the standard 6 mm chucks (primarily in Europe) or 1/4" (for the USA and overseas). Optional chucks can take up to 8 mm. The battery straight grinder ASC 9 operates at a speed of 9,000 rpm and weighs 2.0 kg including the battery pack.
ABC 7 battery belt grinder: The specialist for tightest angles
The mobile battery belt grinder ABC 7 from Suhner is your first choice when you are working on sites in tight spaces, e.g. in fillet welds or mitres. The machine is characterised by extremely fast grinding and polishing belt changes. The standard version of the ABC 7 includes the universal contact arm KA 25/9. It can be fitted with belts 3 mm, 6 mm, and 12 mm wide. For the greatest possible flexibility, there are 6 different optional contact arms available for belts 3, 6, 12, 16, and 19 mm wide. The battery belt grinder ABC 7 operates at a speed of 7,000 rpm and weighs 2.4 kg including the battery pack.
AKC 3 battery fillet weld grinder beats the competition “by a long neck”
Developed specifically for metalworking, the mobile battery fillet weld grinder AKC 3 from Suhner features reduction gears that make it extremely powerful. Thanks to its lightweight design and long neck of aluminium, the tool weighs only 2.2 kg including battery pack for easy manoeuvrability. This is supported in addition by the extremely low cross head. This makes the grinder ideal for fillet welds in tight places, a problem encountered often e.g. on railings and other metal structures.
ATC 7 tube polisher utilising an ingenious operating principle
The mobile tube polisher ATC 7 from Suhner is ideal for tubes up to 45 mm in diameter. The battery tube polisher proves its perfect manoeuvrability on tight elbows. A wraparound angle of at least 180° ensures fast, efficient work. In contrast to rival products, the wraparound is not maintained by the contact pressure. Material can therefore be removed under considerably finer control.
Four practical sets – all inclusive
The four battery grinders are available as a set consisting of the machine, two battery packs, and the charger in a robust plastic case. The set also includes four different battery charging cables that can be connected to the most common sockets all over the world.Thanks to their lean design and low weight, these grinders greatly simplify the work on railings, steps, metal structures, plant components, tanks, and containers. If you want to exploit the advantages of cordless machines for complex surface finishes in tight spaces as well, then you need look no further than the new SUHNER series of battery grinders. The right choice for creating value with surface treatment.
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