The Digital boom has fuelled demand for UPS

With the rise in digital initiatives as per the Government of India’s vision, India’s UPS and power solution providers are experiencing demand growth from data centres, etc.
The Digital boom has fuelled demand for UPS
With the rise in digital initiatives as per the Government of India’s vision, India’s UPS and power solution providers are experiencing demand growth from data centres, SMEs, automation etc. Amitanshu Satpathy, Managing Director, Best Power Equipments, discuss about the current status of UPS industry, demand trends and future scope.
How do you serve the industry with your solutions?
Initially, our focus was on SMEs and small segments for building solutions of 10 to 15 KVAs. Apart from our solutions till 20 KVA cater to small segment.  We do offer solutions upto 800 KVA UPS, modular UPS technology which we have displayed in various exhibitions. We are currently developing a product range with Energy High Efficiency (EHS) feature which is known to increase energy efficiency by 0.5 per cent approximately, irrespective of the load, low or high.   
In the other arena of communication, we have set target on small data centres, where we offer solution based on their requirements. For larger offices, we have Multirack, which is  a combination of UPS and air conditioning etc, making it a compact solution. 
Data centres fall into large power requirements segment. Such large requairements demand for efficient technology and green aspects, which we have delivered well.
What will be your focus for the upcoming financial year?
We have been scaling our business in all aspects ranging from product range, manpower, technology to revenue since last year. We have introduced a new product range of modular UPS which are more sustainable, reliable, safer, efficient and very high in quality. We have been constantly improving the performance of all our equipment in terms of saving energy through various innovative methods like using fuel cells, hydrogen storage which last longer, high-resolution sinewave output. The energy wastage has been minimised a lot using data centre carbon cuts, preventing failures and optimising maintenance. 
Tell us about your new expansion plans?
We have been upgrading our designs of the technology and focusing more on increasing efficiency and modularity.  As we are on an expansion mode, domestically and internationally, we have generated many employment opportunities in these regions of expansion. In the last one-year, we have expanded to Malaysia, Dubai, Philippines and Taiwan in international markets and Tier-2 and -3 cities in India. 
Regarding the product portfolio, we have recently expanded our offering to Philippines market and planning to expand BPE products’ reach to all over the world by the end of 2025. The company will also enhance its after-sales services which enable their customers to minimise business interruptions, improve system availability, enhance the manageability of power devices and optimise the cost of ownership.
We have seen a 25 per cent year-on-year growth in revenue which gives us more confidence.
We are Indian manufacturers and we are more than two decades old in the industry, we understand the market very well, which has led us to reach to the level of product localisation. We understand the demand of each industry and based on that we have been expanding and customising the product range. 
With automation picking up pace, did you see a rise in demand for UPS?
In the coming years, we would want to concentrate and put in our energies in innovation, R&D, expansion and technology. We wish to align ourselves to Industry 4.0 technology. We have seen that India did not grab opportunities in Industry 3.0 because of the availability of labour, access to limited software with paper-based processes and total dependence on humans. But today, the situation is different as it has been observed that Reserve Bank of India reported that 1,734 manufacturing companies posted Rs 47,100 crore in Q3 FY2019, up 29.4 per cent.
Our future objective is to be the leading manufacturer in the industry, with innovation and adapting the market change like inclusion of IoT and 5G is our key product strategy. The end-user experience will be taken up to 100 per cent satisfaction level. We have our solutions today at railway stations for power backup for WiFi connectivity, thus we can say digital boom has fuelled demand for UPS.
What is driving demand for UPS in India?
The IT boom in India is definitely a driving factor. Automation, data integration and data analysis is playing a key role in transforming Indian economy today. With this demand for more power back up too increases, asking for more reliable and trustworthy solutions in the industry. We have supplied across data centres which are currently growing at a faster rate. Today UPS power backup systems are not merely relevant supply power in its absence; rather it also is a tool to ensure consistent power supply to save equipments and instruments.
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