Vinyl Pipes unveils column pipes with a lock to impart safety

Borewell pipes are often riddled with leakages causing a lot of maintenance and water wastage. The new product addresses these acute concerns.
Vinyl Pipes unveils column pipes with a lock to impart safety

In a bid to offer a reliable solution and to solve issues like leakages in the pump industry, Vinyl Pipes has introduced column pipes with a lock (patent pending). These column pipes bring water out of well and are fitted to borewell submersible pumps.  

This lock has a dual role to play. It ensures that the pipes are perfectly aligned and supports the pipe in load-bearing which makes the pipes stress free and perfect for handling high pressure water. Special rubber seal is provided with thread to ensure 100 per cent leak proof joint at high pressure. Square threads are designed for holding high loads, these threads do not corrode rust or deteriorate up to 50+years of use. Couples are fitted with pipes and sealing with the patented power lock system to ensure that during installation and removal of pumps, the coupler does not come out & avoid slippage of column.

Special high friction thread developed by Vinyl also avoids the use of metal pin thus giving metal free leak proof column pipe. This unique orientation technique has been developed by the Research and Development (R&D) team of Vinyl. This orientation technique is used during uPVC column pipes extrusion to get higher drop impact and notch impact strength for the column Pipes. Being uPVC pipes they are 100 per cent rust free, lead-free and heavy metal free and bacteria free ensuring high quality water year on year. They do not rot, or wear over a long period. Can withstand extreme movement and bending, extreme temperatures, making them fit for extreme terrains a& earthquake prone areas too. Quality is of key importance at Vinyl hence all Vinyl pipes undergo the annealing process for alignment of all material. The process helps enhance the mechanical property of the pipe, adding years to its life.

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