TUV Rheinland India to offer External Assurance services for 'Sustainability reports'


Bangalore based T?? Rheinland India, a worldwide leader in Testing, Inspection, Certification & Training, announced that it would offer to companies in India and globally, external assurance services for " Corporate Sustainability Reports" as per international standards like Accountability (AA 1000:AS), Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000. TUV Rheinland India is an accredited service provider by AccountAbility, UK for conducting external third party assurance of Corporate Sustainability reports/CSR/ESG reports and one of the very few companies in India offering this service.

As a third-party verification of the Sustainability Report of a company, TUV Rheinland's expert team comprising a variety of environmental, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and accounting backgrounds conducts an added-value on-site audit at the company. TUV Rheinland's analysis based on various guidelines (e.g., Global Reporting Initiative - GRI, ISO 26000) helps the company to raise the trustworthiness of its social and environmental communications.

Sustainability reporting is the process for publicly disclosing and organisation's economic, environmental and social performance. A sustainability report comprises information on how a company, proactively and beyond regulations, acts responsibly towards the environment around it and works towards equitable and fair business practices and brings to life products and services with lower impacts on the natural environment. Such a report describes how a company has implemented a greener supply chain, has engaged with local communities, is helping tackle climate-change issues, or is "innovating for the poor".

Said Mr Enrico Ruhle, Managing Director of TUV Rheinland India, "Activities in the field of CSR are becoming increasingly important for investors and other stakeholders, who are increasingly demanding more transparency in the sustainability reports of organisations. External Assurance/Verification of these reports by an independent third party like TUV Rheinland, helps achieve significant benefits in terms of increased credibility and reduced risk and helps the company demonstrate its commitments towards CSR performance and Sustainable development".

TUV Rheinland's experience help businesses to develop sustainable business models that are embedded in environmental, social and economic principles at strategic and operational level. The company advises organizations to build solid foundation to grow in sustainable and inclusive manner by aligning the triple bottom line principle into their business process through management systems framework.

"TUV Rheinland follows a three step procedure for testing of sustainability reports. In the first step there is an Initial data review, due-diligence followed by the second step in which our experts conduct on-site assessment verifying report contents, consultation with stakeholders and provide detailed explanation of the verification results to the company and finally we issue Assurance Statement having AA 1000 logo for the incorporation in Corporate Sustainability Report/CSR/ESG Report" added Mr Ruhle.

T?? Rheinland India with local headquarters at Bangalore is active in 23 locations in India. It has one of the most advanced testing capabilities in India including the Photovoltaic & Material Testing Laboratory; Product Safety Laboratory with an EMC Chamber spread over 12,000 Sq ft of Land in Electronic City Phase I, Bangalore. With this existing capability, T?? Rheinland India will be able to perform all necessary tests to comply with REACH & other European Regulation.

T?? Rheinland is the only Certification Body in India that boasts of an accredited Welding Institute offering welding courses to the industry in order to enhance the technical skills of its employees. The Company has ambitious plans for setting up of Laboratories in other parts of India as well in the near future.

T?? Rheinland has expertise to service business sectors like Pressure Equipments & Material Technology, Energy & Environment, Automotive Engineering, Type Approval, Solar & Fuel Cell Technology, Professional Training and Certification of Management Systems.

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