Riello UPS expands the NextEnergy range with the new 600 kVA model

The new addition in the range is aimed at large mission critical applications up to 4.8 MVA
Riello UPS expands the NextEnergy range with the new 600 kVA model

Riello Power India, a wholly owned subsidiary of RPS S.p.A (Riello Power Solutions, Italy), part of the Riello Elettronica Group, has launched its new 600 kVA model of the NextEnergy (NXE) range. This NextEnergy range expansion aims to power increasingly large critical loads such as data centers, colocation, transport, telecommunications, industries, banks, financial and insurance centers.

The new 600 kVA model, like the other models available in the 250-500 kVA range, offers numerous advantages.

The UPS guarantees a reliable power supply and always ensure regularity of service, essential for managers of critical applications. It is a three-phase, on-line double conversion, transformer-free and equipped with IGBT converters and three-level control. It can operate in different operating modes, achieving optimised energy consumption in all circumstances.

It boasts Lithium batteries who are known for an effective life cycle of approximately twice (8-10 years) that compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, reduced maintenance costs, can operate effectively at temperatures up to 60 °C, and are lighter, which makes the installation easier.

This poses as a compact and a durable solution as its small footprint of the cabinet is fully accessible from the front of the UPS for maintenance. It has a load power capacity up to 40 °C without power derating, extraordinary efficiency up to 97 per cent in double conversion mode (on-line), and up to 99 per cent in Eco, Active Eco or Smart Active operating modes. It can work with or without a neutral line, which helps reduce the installation costs of the distribution system. NextEnergy, in fact, can be used in systems that do not require the use of a neutral line, for example, many modern data centers.

Its 7-inch LCD touch screen display, communication slots, relay cards and connectors makes specific supervision and connectivity for IT facility managers and service technicians. The system can be easily integrated into any data center infrastructure building management system (DCIM - data center infrastructure management).

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