PushCorp inks distribution agreement with SWIT for India

As a result of this new distribution deal, PushCorp’s comprehensive product line - which includes industrial material removal spindles and compliance devices - will be available to SWIT’s customers.
PushCorp inks distribution agreement with SWIT for India

PushCorp Inc - the US-based global company that offers robotic surface finishing solutions - has signed a distribution agreement with the Bangalore-based SWIT - a leading distributor of automation products for industrial markets in India - for PushCorp's industrial material removal spindles and compliance devices.

Max Falcone, Business Development Manager, PushCorp Inc, said, “This partnership is exciting because SWIT will be able to provide PushCorp’s existing and new customers in India not only a local sales channel but local technical support. With a network of more than twenty automation professionals throughout India, the resources to execute successful material removal applications with PushCorp equipment will be more accessible to Indian market than ever before.”

This new distribution deal will make PushCorp’s complete and comprehensive product line available to SWIT’s whole customer base. This will include PushCorp’s market leading sanding, grinding, polishing, buffing drilling and cutting technology as well as passive and active compliance technology will be available. 

Founded in 1993 in Dallas Texas USA, PushCorp has focused on the material removal industry with thousands of successful installations globally. PushCorp is excited to expand into the Indian market with the help of SWIT.

Mathew Jacob, CTO, SWIT, said, “We are very pleased with this partnership with PushCorp Inc. The opportunity to offer such a market leading brand to our customers will help us expand our customer base and now our portfolio will include powerful servo-controlled spindle and industry leading force compliance technology. This combination will help fuel the next industrial revolution in India and will help our customers be more competitive on a global scale.”

PushCorp was founded in 1993 with the primary goal of creating end effectors for robotic surface finishing processes. Its first product, which was patented in 1995, was the Adjustable Force Device (AFD). This product's function was to allow a robot to maintain a consistent yet adjustable force when in contact with a part's surface. Previously, industrial robots simply moved from point A to point B without any regard for the amount of force being applied. PushCorp’s innovative compliance device opened the door for robotic grinding, sanding, polishing, and other surface finishing applications that require a precise force. Prior to this invention, these types of processes were considered virtually impossible to automate due to the immense programming that was required to account for inconsistencies between parts and the abrasive wear. 

After selling the first AFD systems it became apparent that there was a lack of rotary spindles that could be mounted on the compliance device. In the late 90’s, most of the spindles on the market were very heavy, since they were designed for CNC’s and other fixed automation machines. On the other hand, there was a plethora of pneumatic tools; however, these were not robust enough for robotic surface finishing applications. These pneumatic tools would slow down when they came in contact with the part or when there was a drop in air pressure. Both of these factors contributed to inconsistent surface finishes. PushCorp solved the weight and consistency issues with our revolutionary servo spindle, which was released in 1997. The liquid cooled permanent magnet, servo spindle was not only lightweight, but also provided a high power-to-weight ratio and constant speed enabling consistent material removal. With over 25 years of experience, PushCorp has helped provide tooling to integrators and end users to automate 1000's of robotic material removal applications. 

For details, contact SWIT, Bangalore, on Mob: +91 96202 01187, 94486 84787, or visit: www.swit.in

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