Numeric launches 3 phase Keor MOD UPS to tap demand from IT

Numeric launches 3 phase Keor MOD UPS to tap demand from IT


Numeric India, the UPS specialist, has launched its new three-phase modular product – Keor MOD. The highly efficient and skillfully designed UPS is aimed at addressing the changing consumption patterns as well as the projected progress of the global light therapy market.

Keor MOD redefines the concept of modularity in the Three Phase modular product segment. Through the launch of Keor MOD, Numeric India introduces the flexible architecture for installations and application of the new product and continues to pioneer in implementing state of art technology to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

The latest modular product by India’s leading UPS manufacturer adorns a rotating touch screen display to enable ease of installation and maintenance. Numeric continues with its flagship feature of complete front access to allow connections an easy access at the bottom as well. Cable wires are being replaced by bus bars in the latest Keor MOD UPS to provide more reliability.

Keor MOD has a decentralised parallel architecture to guarantee high system level availability and ensure that each module acts like a stand-alone UPS. The communication module is positioned in the front for easy access of communication interfaces to grant the user with complete on-board connection. The structure of this latest technology in three phase UPS has a compact footprint that helps save floor space and in turn awards saving in real estate. Owing to this, - Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) results in saving over the functional lifetime of the UPS. Keor MOD is PEP certified for environment protection and is a green certifications enabler.

Palash Nandy, CEO, Numeric India, said, “Keor MOD is a testimony to our growth axes of Innovation and Smart solution. It is an aesthetically appealing UPS delivering high efficiency and superior performance. We are pleased to announce the launch of this seminal product that we believe will be strongly influencing the dynamics of the product category and the upcoming developments in the segment.”

“The data localisation policy and the new business normal have put the IT infrastructure on rapid growth gear. While the changing data consumption habits coupled with the burgeoning digital economy has put this sector on fast growth, the much expected 5G roll will further accelerate the growth providing a tremendous opportunity for us to position our wide range of solutions,” he added.

With Keor MOD, Numeric is redefining the standards of UPS from a rather dull black UPS to a stylish looking design coupled with performance.  Keor MOD has won the IF Award Design Award in 2019, which is an internationally established symbol for outstanding design achievements.

Numeric is a market leader in the Uninterruptible Power Supplies and associated power conditioning products in India with Global installations spanning 12 countries. It is a part of the Legrand Group, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, occupying 4th position in the Global UPS Market.

The rising demand across end-user industries and the acceptance of modular UPS systems is the key driving force of the global three-phase UPS industry. Numeric has addressed one of the most limiting factors of battery disposal in the global three-phase UPS industry in an extremely sophisticated manner by introducing a green design for Keor MOD.

The Global forecast for three phase UPS systems market is to grow at a CAGR of 5 per cent during the period 2021-2023. Advances in UPS systems are enabling industries to overcome issues related to power outages. The use of next-generation power storage technology is gaining increased market traction globally.

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