New Manifold Pressure Regulator Set for Acetylene


New-Manifold.jpgWITT, the leader in gas safety technology, has announced production of a new manifold pressure regulator set for acetylene applications in thermal processes or oxyacetylene welding and cutting.

The new manifold pressure regulator set is suitable for flow rates of 30 to 150 m3/h (1060 to 5297 scfh) and inlet pressures up to 25 bar (363 psi). The working pressure can be regulated from 0 to 1.5 bar (0 to 21.75 psi). The central element of the complete solution is the ADR 150. This powerful manifold pressure regular set is combined with the quick-closing facility HDS 17 and ball cock in the gas inlet, the safety group 645 with safety facilities connected in parallel in the gas outlet as well as connection parts. The individual components are perfectly coordinated with one another and fulfill all relevant standards and regulations, e.g., TRAC and DIN EN ISO 14114. The compact set is supplied ready for installation.

Even at low flow rates, the WITT solution offers tremendous cost effectiveness, as cylinder manifolds and bundling systems are emptied optimally by the very low pressure gradients. Its unique strengths are especially beneficial when it comes to quality applications with high flow rates. The dome-loaded pressure regulator is designed to reduce high and medium pressure and is the world's only device that can handle up to 150 m?/h acetylene throughput with the highest pressure consistency. Along with the dome-loaded pressure regulator, the ADR 150 also contains a control pressure regulator and a relief valve for protection against overpressure. A spring-loaded version is also available as an alternative to the dome-loaded pressure regulator, controlling the line pressure via a control gas cushion.

The safety group 645 in the gas outlet provides protection against flashback, burnback or the formation of flammable mixtures due to gas backflow. Two to four individual WITT safety devices are connected in parallel in the component. WITT's flashback arrestor, made from sintered chromium-nickel steel, extinguishes hazardous flashbacks. Also included is a temperature-controlled cut-off valve to fight flame burnbacks. The set is completed by the quick-closing facility HDS 17 for reliable protection against acetylene decomposition.

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