Danfoss India records 20% Growth Since 2010


Danfoss celebrated Technology Day on July 26th 2012 with media members from Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. The program began with welcome address and introduction from Mr Krishna Hariharan, Senior Director, Global Services. He spoke briefly about the role of Danfoss in India, in terms of energy efficient solutions and technological innovations. Mr Noel Ryan, President of Danfoss India, defined the company activities as 'climate & energy' oriented and gave a high level overview of Danfoss plans in India. The milestones of Danfoss India, from 1998 to 2011 were briefed. He also said that Danfoss India has grown to 3.5 billion INR turnover which is a 20% growth since 2010.

Mr Purushotaman Ravichandran, Senior Director, Power Electronics, spoke on Danfoss R&D activities in India and a couple of case studies which related to clients like Ramco at Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu and JHV Sugars, Uttar Pradesh. He gave a presentation on VLT semiconductor power drives and spoke on the three portfolios in the power drive division namely drives, solar inverters and power modules. Danfoss has a strategic choice of focus industries, which were named as HVAC, food & beverage, water and wastewater, chemicals, material handling and textiles.

Danfoss has a learning portal of its products which are available to employees, customers and Universities.Their factories are ISO 14001 certified for being environment friendly. The New Delhi Airport which is equipped with Danfoss technology is bestowed with Green Building Award by Frost & Sullivan.

Mr Ambat Rajesh Premchandran, Director, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning spoke on the variable speed compressor, which is used in HVAC and saves 25% energy. He also spoke on microchannel heat exchanger benefits, which were used in car Acs but new in HVAC.

Mr Michael Quitzau, Head of Design Center, Danfoss Power Electronics Division spoke about the global R&D plans for 2015. He said that Danfoss India aims an independent design center, full value chain by 2016.

The invitees were taken for a facility tour which gave a glimpse of 800 kW load testing facility, panels with IP 42/54/66 protection, fanless panels, innovative panel cooling design, experienced design engineers, power electronic engineered panel solutions, indoor and outdoor testing for commercial air conditioners.

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