Bristlecone Labs create antifragile supply chains

Bristlecone Labs create antifragile supply chains

San Jose, California and Pune, India, April 2017 - 'Antifragile' is the mantra at premier Supply Chain advisory firm Bristlecone. Applying concepts from the renowned thought leader Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Bristlecone Labs is working with supply chain leaders to create supply chains that are resilient, intelligent, self-optimising and automated.

Irfan A. Khan, President and CEO of Bristlecone, stated, "By making their supply chains 'antifragile', our customers will be better positioned to manage business and technology risks. Surviving disruption relies on investment in digital transformation - proactively and strategically. The value is cumulative and the benefits long-term. By introducing resilience and flexibility into the system, businesses can be agile, maximise profitability and improve customer satisfaction."

Bristlecone Labs, the R&D arm of Bristlecone, is a flagship innovation center launched last year in Silicon Valley. Now extended to another hub in Pune, Bristlecone Labs incubates next generation supply chain solutions using analytics, Internet of Everything (IoE) and disruptive technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Conversational UI (CUI) and Blockchain.

"Disruption has moved from an infrequent inconvenience to a consistent stream of change that is redefining markets and entire industries," according to Gartner. "By 2020, half of large enterprises will be making business-critical decisions using discredited information," and by "2022, IoT-enabled service models could save a trillion dollars a year in maintenance and service costs."

Bristlecone Labs, powered by the Bristlecone NEO Platform, provides customers with a design thinking based foundation to build tangible prototypes in a matter of days. Leveraging this open innovation, customers can solve both strategic and operational business problems. Irfan enthusiastically shares, "The opportunities are endless. We provide co-innovation engagement models coupled with rapid prototyping techniques to uncover the art of the possible for our customers."

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