BreatheEasy Consultants launches German-made IQAir Atem Car air purifier

Priced at Rs 43,900, IQAir Atem Car is a powerful, yet quiet and compact car air purifier. It can clean the air in the car up to 20 times per hour and capture a wide range of road and in-vehicle air pollutants.
BreatheEasy Consultants launches German-made IQAir Atem Car air purifier
New Delhi 

With Delhi experiencing severe AQI (Air Quality Index) on several occasions this season, BreatheEasy Consultants has launched IQAir Atem Car Air Purifier as an answer to many issues associated with airborne pollution. The IQAir Atem Car - priced at Rs 43,900 - is exclusively made at IQAir state-of-the-art production facility in Germany and is covered by a 2-year warranty

Traffic pollution is worse than you think, air inside a car contains a cocktail of toxic fumes and gases that are potentially harmful to your health and the health of those you love. The IQAir Atem Car is a powerful, yet quiet and compact car air purifier. It can clean the air in the car up to 20 times per hour and capture a wide range of road and in-vehicle air pollutants. Its revolutionary HyperHEPA Plus provides effective filtration of in-cabin air pollutants by combining different media types, including a HyperHEPA particle filter which filters all types of airborne particulates (incl. PM2.5, allergens, road dust, diesel particles and even bacteria and viruses) and a gas-phase filter which adsorbs a wide range of odours and chemicals. Filter use air filtration technology tested and certified to capture a wide range of in-cabin air pollutants, all in a sleek, compact housing designed to blend into any vehicle cabin.

The outstanding design, advanced technical features, and high-performance of the IQAir Atem Car are the result of combining cutting-edge Swiss engineering and attention to detail with high-quality components and first-class German workmanship. It offers many superior features:

The Filter ID-Chip: The filter’s integrated ID-chip allows the IQAir Atem Car to monitor the life span of the filter. The system keeps track of the actual usage (operation time and fan speed) to compute the remaining lifespan and to maximise filter life. Once the calculated filter life reaches the last 5 per cent, the user is alerted via the app and by a visual and audible signal emitted by the IQAir Atem Car. Upon insertion of the new HyperHEPA filter, the IQAir Atem Car recognises it and automatically resets the filter life monitor.

12-24V Car Power Cord: The IQAir Atem Car power cord comes with  2-meter length to access the plug easily & it fits into any 12-24V power socket (i.e. cigarette lighter socket). The power plug also features a USB socket that allows the user to charge mobile devices at the same time.

Automatic operation: Once plugged in and switched on, the IQAir Atem Car turns on and off automatically with the car’s ignition.

Airflow adjustment: The IQAir Atem Car offers 3 fan speed settings, each of which can also be individually adjusted and selected via Bluetooth with the IQAir Atem Car smartphone app. The fan speed can also be selected directly on the unit by gently tapping the IQAir Atem Car logo on the front cover where an invisible touchpoint is located.

Airflow indicator LED: An elegant blue LED light strip beneath the air outlet grille provides feedback of the selected airflow setting. Standby mode is indicated by a warm red glow. In addition to the visual feedback, each fan speed adjustment is accompanied by a gentle click or chime. Both the brightness of the LED and the sound level can be freely adjusted with the IQAir Atem Car app.

The IQAir Atem Car App: The free IQAir Atem Car App (Apple iOS, Google Play, and Android) provides access to several advanced features including a smart filter life monitor, fan speed customisation, LED light and sound customisation, and a child-lock function.

Crash-tested car mount: The IQAir Atem Car was specifically designed to be attached to the headrest of a front seat and fits around 99% of cars on the road today. Alternatively, it can be securely attached to the safety belt of a free seat. Once the car mount bracket is fitted, the air purifier can be securely snapped into place. The removal is just as easy and quick with the release buttons on both sides of the car mount. The IQAir® Atem Car has been thoroughly safety tested by IQAir’s R & D team at the ADAC crash test facility, Germany’s renowned Automobile Club.

Design: The IQAir Atem Car elegant and distinctive round shape and the classic black housing with silver trims blend perfectly into any car interior.

New Delhi-based BreatheEasy Consultants (BE) is India’s first- full service Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution provider has helped innumerable families, schools and businesses in Delhi-NCR Region in creating a healthy indoor environment. BE’s centralised solutions transform entire homes and buildings into fresh-air sanctuaries. For smaller budgets as well as spaces without central air conditioning systems, BreatheEasy provides easy-to-install portable solutions including air purifiers and detoxifying indoor plants. It also offers face masks, nasal filters, car filters and air quality testing.
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