LANXESS India showcases its leather applications at the India International Leather Fair

The display comprised of various offering in leather porfolio
LANXESS India showcases its leather applications at the India International Leather Fair


LANXESS India, global specialty chemicals major, showcasing its comprehensive product range and application in leather at Leather sector, the India International Leather Fair (IILF), Chennai.

The extensive portfolio for manufacturing leather for shoes, clothing, furniture, and the automotive industry, comprises mineral and synthetic tanning agents, preservatives, retaining agents, and fat liquoring agents. The range also includes dyes and numerous finishing products.

In addition to leather goods such as shoes, bags, and items of clothing displayed to demonstrate the versatility of leather in terms of its application and processing, LANXESS has presented a number of innovative products and system solutions for the various stages of leather production.

LANXESS technology increases the efficiency of beam house operations processes and makes it possible to reduce basic chemicals and the pollution of the wastewater. “Thanks to our process based on Peltec C and Blancorol HP which has been specially developed for India we can significantly reduce the amount of total dissolved solids and achieve high-quality leather at the same time,” says Dr. Thomas Brackemeyer, who is responsible for the global organic leather chemicals business in the LANXESS Leather business unit.

Peltec X-Zyme SN, a newly developed soaking enzyme, can improve the COD (chemical oxygen demand) value considerably. Because this product does not exhibit any proteolytic activity, it does not affect the collagen itself and is thus also safe to use in a longer soaking process. Peltec UEP is a special liming enzyme that supports unhairing by loosening the hair roots and cleans the grain. As a result, less sulfide can be used in the liming process.

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