Kirloskar Brothers launches three products for pump industry

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) becomes the first Indian pump manufacturing company to launch the KU6 oil-filled borewell submersible pump and the K-Kleen 25 chlorinator.
Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) introduced three new products for pumping solutions in less than a month. The company has precisely launched three products, including two pumps and a water filtration product to be used with pumps. KBL becomes the first Indian pump manufacturing company to launch the KU6 oil-filled borewell submersible pump and the K-Kleen 25 chlorinator. The company also launches the Kirloskar Vertical Multi-stage (KVM) pump, specially designed for RO plants.
The KU6 oil-filled 6” borewell submersible pump series will be available in three variants and is designed to ensure higher-efficiency at a lower cost as it consumes less power. These pumps are suited for meeting gardening and farming requirements in farmhouses and bungalows, domestic and industrial water supply, sprinkler and drip systems in farms, firefighting systems, etc. Speaking on the occasion, Ashish Tripathi, AVP, Retail Business, KBL remarked, “These low-maintenance pumps facilitate longer life of the motor by ensuring lower friction loss. The power-saving KU6 pumps can efficiently work even in low voltage, which makes them ideal for continuous working applications.”
K-Kleen 25, on the other hand, is a chlorination technology designed exclusively for improving the quality of water delivered through the pump. The K-Kleen 25 kit, which can be mounted on any mini range of pumps, comes equipped with an in-built inline chlorinator and cartridge that facilitate the filtering of water flowing through the pump on which it is mounted. Elaborating further on the features of this unique water-cleansing technology, Tripathi stated, “The reliable and effective water-cleaning technology kit is safe and easily portable. It is ideal for water pumps installed in residential buildings, public places like railway stations, bus-stands, schools and colleges, offices, schools and colleges, gram panchayat, etc.”
In the RO plants, the KVM pump will be used for pumping water at high pressure across the membranes to facilitate delivery of potable and safe drinking water. Suman Chakraborty, AVP, Small Pump Business, KBL said “We truly believe that this highly-efficient pump wonder will act as the heart of an RO plant and, for such a critical application, the built quality of the pump is paramount. And it gives us immense pride and satisfaction to inform that the sturdy KVM pump has been built to stand the test of time, thus ensuring the customer of its long-lasting reliable operation.”
The powerful KVM pump is compact and light-weight, thus enabling space-saving and its ease of integration in the plant. The special-purpose pump is available in various sizes depending on its concerned application in the RO plant. Though the pump is primarily developed for RO plants, it can also be used for pressure boosting, firefighting, industrial washing and air conditioning applications.
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