Igus invites applications for ROIBOT Award

Igus is looking for smart low-cost robotics applications worldwide; Specialist jury awards €5,000 in prize money for innovative automation solutions
Igus invites applications for ROIBOT Award
Simple automation and a quick return on investment constitute the wish of many small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, low-cost automation solutions such as delta robots, Cartesian robots or articulated arm robots from igus are enabled here by the use of plastic. The potential offered by cost-effective automation is demonstrated by the new ROIBOT Award. It characterises exciting low-cost robotics applications.
Robots are an indispensable part of industry. They take over dangerous as well as monotonous tasks and ensure the profitability of large players and family businesses. Above all, low-cost solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises. The robots can easily handle simple tasks that do not require high precision and can operate 24/7. Employees can be used for more meaningful tasks and the company can withstand the competition. The ROIBOT award from igus picks up on the trend towards low-cost robotics in the mid-sized sector. It honours very smart uses of cost-effective robotics.
This year, the competition is looking worldwide for existing low-cost robotics applications, which have led to a quick return on investment (ROI). The robolink articulated arm robots, drylin delta robots and Cartesian robots - the so-called linear robots - from igus can be used. An expert jury consisting of members from research, specialist press and manufacturers will evaluate the concepts. Courage, refinement and the idea of optimisation will lead to a high evaluation. The winner will receive prize money of €5,000, second place will receive €2,500 and third place will receive €1,000. The prize will be awarded by igus at the 2020 automatica in Munich, the leading trade show for intelligent automation and robotics. The winners will receive a personal invitation including accommodation.
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