Gandhi Automations lightweight hanger doors with fabric features

Understanding requirements of aviation and shipping industries, Gandhi Automations has come up with its aircraft and shipyard hangar door are available in two form fabric hoist-up door and sliding door.
Gandhi Automations lightweight hanger doors with fabric features
These hangar doors are designed for tough environment with extremely large openings. 
Understanding requirements of aviation and shipping industries, Gandhi Automations has come up with its aircraft and shipyard hangar door are available in two form fabric hoist-up door and sliding door. Both offer remarkable advantages for versatility and are suitable for aircrafts and ship’s in different sizes. Optimum reliability and operational safety are vital design principles while designing and installing hangar doors.
Key advantages
Gandhi Automations hangar doors are lightweight and durable. They do not need extra heavy support structures like many other hoist-up fabric hangar doors in the market, which significantly reduces the construction costs.
The large partition-free doorways for aeroplane and helicopter hangars and maintenance rooms require doors with special properties. The fabric can be equipped with soundproofing, thermal insulation and burglar protection. This model is popular in aircraft repair hangars. These hangar doors are one-of-its-kind, only available in the market with additional thermal insulation features. This helps keep down the costs that arise from the hangar heating and cooling. 
Fabric features
The fabric is extremely durable against wear and tear, and it is fixed without rivets. Hangar door fabric looks tidy and it is easy to maintain or change in parts with low maintenance costs. The door fabric can be partially or entirely translucent, or it can be equipped with windows.
Service concept
Gandhi Automations Hangar Door’s offers a comprehensive service concept intended to make the acquisition and use of doors as easy as possible, all the way from the design stage to the maintenance service covering the entire service life. We offer our customers full support service starting from the design stage – for example, you may download ready-made BIM objects from our website to support architectural design. We also make accurate strength calculations and customized plans on a door and project specific basis. We can ensure the performance of our products by signing a maintenance contract with the customer and making the regular maintenance visits included in it. As part of the maintenance contract, we offer the unique SRC (Secure Remote Connection) service, in which remote control via a secure Internet connection enables door-specific programming with the functions desired by the customer, regardless of the distance. It also helps solve any problems with the door immediately – regardless of the door’s location and even without a maintenance visit. With the SRC service, you also get access to comprehensive information on the door’s entire usage history.
Shipyard doors
Gandhi Automations hangar doors shipyard and port doors can be built in extremely large sizes and can withstand very high wind loads.
Gandhi Automations Hangar Doors fabric fold-up doors are the only doors on the market for which additional thermal insulation is available. Tight and resistant to high wind loads, doors are manufactured for all wind classes. There are fabric options for the doors, including a fabric with silicone surface resistant to hot metal splashes or a durable rubber fabric for sandblasting and similar facilities.
The benefit of these hangar doors is that these fabric fold-up doors are lightweight and durable. Unlike other fabric fold-up doors on the market, they do not require oversized support structures, reducing construction costs.
These doors can be made in multiple-door versions with mullions, in which case the width is unlimited. The door is manufactured in various thicknesses, with the frame thickness determined by the door size.
All shipyard hangar doors made by Gandhi Automations are designed to last: with corrosion-protected metal parts and a structure that is highly resistant to dust, dirt and moisture, they require little maintenance. The durability and little need for maintenance result in low life-cycle costs. The tight doors also reduce energy consumption and increase employee comfort.
Gandhi Automations hangar doors for shipyard and port door are known for its technology that is highly resistant to moisture, corrosive conditions, dirt and dust and can be availed in all kind of sizes. They are available in multiple-door versions with mullions. Their affordable fabric fold-up door does not require heavy support structures. The textile options range from translucent fabrics to ones designed for sandblasting facilities. They are known to withstands high wind loads and does not require floor tracks.
(Communication provided by the management of the company)
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