Divide By Zero unveils 3D Printer AION500 MK3 with 10x speed

The new AION500 MK3 3D printer is thrice faster than conventional CNC machines and is 10 times faster than any polymer extrusion-based platform.
Divide By Zero unveils 3D Printer AION500 MK3 with 10x speed

Divide By Zero (DBZ), a manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers has recently launched the AION500 MK3, at the Automotive Engineering Show in Chennai. This machine is claimed by the company to be 10 times faster than others in the competition.

Swapnil Sansare, Founder & CEO, expressed, “3D printing technology has been in the industry for the past 30 years and we all are fascinated by its potential, however, speed has been a drawback—until today. AION500 MK3 is thrice faster than conventional CNC machines. The printing speed is 10 times more than any polymer extrusion-based platform anywhere in the world. Basically, you can now print the anatomical model of a human skull in minutes. Companies need not wait for a week for their orders when they can have it in mere hours. The ROI for this machine is barely four months.”

Powered with company’s revolutionary patented AFPM technology, AION500 MK3 can print faster than any 3D printer without losing on mechanical properties of surface finish and accuracy. DBZ, over the years of research has developed a high-speed, high throughput 3D printing solution which is built to revolutionise the industry worldwide and overcome the barriers of speed, time and cost. Some of its features are that of the printer generates 1.5G acceleration on servo gantry, 1.5m/s travel speed, dual drive liquid cooled print head, and 10-micron positional accuracy.

According to the company, another unexplored arena is the demand for customised jigs and fixtures. 3D printing has the potential of radically changing the face of on-demand JIG-Fixture manufacturing but due to the concerns over speed, strength, and affordability, the industry wasn’t able to reap the benefits. The new 3D printer is has the power to complete the old school 3D printing and makes rapid prototyping rapid.

DBZ in India has presence across sectors like automotive, FMCG, jigs and fixtures manufacturers, defence, government institutions and education institutes. As the new product is affordable and adheres to international quality standards, it has around 600 installations all across the country and is one of the leading exporters of 3D printers.

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