DesignTech Systems inks MoU with IASC for skill training

The MoU will facilitate the aspiring youngsters to acquire specialised technical skills based certifications and accreditations from Instrumentation Automation Surveillance and Communication (IASC)
DesignTech Systems inks MoU with IASC for skill training
Pune, October 8, 2018
DesignTech Systems has signed an MoU with IASC (Instrumentation Automation Surveillance and Communication) Sector Skill Council – a not for profit organization under Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India (GoI), to provide advanced skills based training certifications to qualified trained personnel. The objective behind inking this MoU is to facilitate and encourage the aspiring and ambitious youngsters to acquire specialised technical skills based certifications and accreditations from an esteemed government institution, IASC, founded by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship under their premier Skill India Initiative. Industry recognised and respected Accreditation from IASC would certainly open up various quality employment opportunities for the certified job aspirants.    
As an assessment Partner and Associate for IASC, DesignTech, under the terms of MoU, will create awareness about and promote these Certification courses at the existing State Funded Centres of Excellence managed and operated by DesignTech Systems. In accordance to the Agreements entered into with various State Governments such as Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Jharkhand, DesignTech Systems has established and is executing trainings on latest and most advanced technologies in electro-mechanical field at more than 25 Siemens Centres of Excellence across various cities in these states. With all the centres put together, cumulatively more than 1 lakh students have benefited from these trainings. 
Explaining more about this MoU, Vikas Khanvelkar, Chairman and Managing Director, DesignTech Systems Ltd, exclaimed, “Government of India with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship are introducing new initiatives and promising programs to elevate and enhance the quality of education and skills based trainings in India. Lack of industry ready and employable manpower can regress industry’s pace of growth, bear detrimental impact on the national GDP, while also increasing unemployment rate in the country. Applications based knowledge of contemporary technologies acquired through Centres of Excellence, and in addition, being certified by the industry recognised Government Body, IASC would certainly add value to students’ educational credentials that will earn them greater preference in securing a good job. DesignTech will help emphasise the importance of certification at all the Centres of Excellence managed and operated by us.”
A selected batch of qualified trainers from DesignTech would undergo required courses and certifications trainings at IASC facilities, and would then be engaged in the capacity of assessors responsible for authorizing issuing of certifications to the competent students who have completed the course requirements with due diligence.  
Illustrating further, Nagendra Goel, Chairman, IASC (Instrumentation Automation Surveillance and Communication), stated, “DesignTech has an extensive experience in imparting applications based trainings on modern technologies. Besides, also having worked closely with the engineering industry in India, they have complete understanding of the latest industry practices and expectations. Dual background of Training and Engineering industry experience, made them the most relevant and potent choice for a Partner to promote our Certifications”. 
He further added, “Presently in India, we are facing a huge shortfall and crunch of rightly skilled and trained manpower. While skilling is important, maintaining a certain education assessment standard and quality bar, is equally essential. Our certifications will ensure that students pass that threshold of possessing required standards of knowledge, skillsets and applications understanding to be considered eligible for an industry job. Training without certification, would be like educating without a university affiliated degree certificate. Certification brings authenticity, credibility and assurance that the students completing respective certifications do indeed possess the expected amount of knowledge and skills that will enable them to perform the stipulated job with satisfactory efficiency. IASC is committed to maintaining high standards of certifications that the industry can rely on, and thus be assured to find the right talent that will support and contribute to their company’s growth objectives”.
IASC Management asserts, that especially with the advent of industry revolutionising paradigms such as, IoT (Internet of things), Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, it is imperative that our workforce is well acquainted and trained on the latest technologies. It will not only help the industry in India come to speed and adapt to these new ways and approaches of industrial processes, but also open new gateways of opportunities for them in the global market as well. And Accreditation from IASC will add a ‘seal of confirmation’ about the quality and depth of applications based knowledge and skillsets possessed by the students.
This MoU came into effect from October 2018. IASC provides certifications only in the areas of Instrumentation Automation Surveillance and Communication. As an affiliate Partner, DesignTech Systems will also serve as an assessor for authorizing certifications for certain specific programs and courses.  
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