Automation 2014: The Biggest Trade Fair in South East Asia


The 9th edition of the Automation series scheduled for October 2014 is billed as the biggest ground for Asian industries to showcase their manufacturing strength and quality products to the world.


New innovations, solutions and processes by automation make a successful industrialisation of any country. Research and development forms the basics for rapid development and outstanding performance of any industry in any country. Automation is the best way to win in a competitive environment and ensure sustainable growth.

Automation 2014 aims to bring the right people together for facilitating the right conditions to ensure such economic growth. The event will provide the right platform in India to examine new foundations for progress, improve existing products and processes and assemble a galaxy of professionals under one roof for knowledge sharing. Visitors will benefit from the exposure to a wide range of innovations in science and technology, and experienced first hand the products and technologies available to them for further improving their manufacturing processes for that crucial edge in facing the fierce competition in the market place.

To keep up with the competition, industrial manufacturers require resource-efficient production methods plus an ability to react swiftly to market fluctuations and meet the growing demands for customised products. Automation 2014 will showcase the production engineering and associated software solutions for industrial, process, factory, building and electric automation, instrumentation and control, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, wireless and bus technology under one roof. Automation 2014 will also display solutions and systems for industries automobile, oil and gas, power and energy management, chemicals/petrochemicals/fertilisers, OEMs, waste and wastewater, metal industry, pharmaceuticals, white goods, plastics and food and beverages.

The Automation series of exhibition has been exceeding its own standards, year after year. Automation 2013 experienced more than 775 national and international exhibitors from 20 countries. Automation 2014 will also have knowledge based technical conferences; and in-depth discussion with experts on various subjects like innovations in technology, foundation field-bus technology, safety and security, tank automation and metering will be organised during exhibition.

Automation 2014 is the platform where you will find sustainable solutions for your business profitability, optimisation of plans, cleaner and greener operations, safer and energy efficient.

A flagship event of IED Communications, Automation has grown to be the biggest show in South East Asia and the second biggest show in Asia after the "IAS Shanghai". The 9th edition of Automation 2014 will be held from 15 to 18th October 2014 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai - the financial capital of India.

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