Smooth transition with loading dock levelers

Dock levelers are the devices used to bridge the gap between dock and the truck/trailer during loading and unloading. Gandhi Automations dock levers ensure not just safe transition but also increases productivity.
Smooth transition with loading dock levelers
Gandhi Automations dock levelers are designed for the most demanding dock operations, offering exceptional durability, reliability and the lowest lifetime ownership costs.
Gandhi Automations Levelers: A smoother transition to safety and productivity Gandhi Automations smooth transition dock levelers, part of the Smooth Transition Dok System, provide the smoothest path between the facility floor and the trailer - reducing jolts to forklift operators, product and equipment. All RH Series smooth transition levelers feature: a constant radius rear hinge, two-point crown control and a new, standard optimized lip chamfer.
Gandhi Automations can meet the project management needs. In an effort to meet the demands of project managers who must work within budgets and deadlines, Gandhi Automations offers the Genisys line of standardised dock levelers.
Dock levelers are the devices used to bridge the gap between dock and the truck/trailer during loading and unloading.
  • Radius lip dock levelers allow the dock to connect with the truck bed, therefore making it possible to drive directly on and off with fork-lift trucks, roll containers, etc. Loading and unloading operations become quick, safe and economical.
  • Telescopic lip dock levelers are ideal for connecting vehicles unable to drive near to the dock (eg sea containers, side loading railway wagons, etc), or where it is imperative to reach a longer total length of the dock leveler itself. These types can be supplied with a lip extending up to 1 m.
Our dock leveler with swing lip has a modular design and is easy to operate. This solution is particularly well suited for most warehousing sites where standard size vehicles operate.
Benefits include:
Durable, long lifespan
Low maintenance 
Optimum safety
Energy efficient
Our swing lip dock leveler is extremely durable.
Durable, long life-span and low maintenance
The self-cleaning open lip hinge construction, the durable and modular design, the self-supporting characteristics, the closed hydraulic system and the low working pressure result in a long lifespan with a minimum maintenance requirement.
Optimum safety
The swing lip dock leveler standard has multiple safety features. The dock leveler is CE marked and in accordance with all safety aspects of the European standard EN 1398.
Our swing lip dock leveler is packed with safety features!
The swing lip dock leveler is positioned with just one button!
The dock leveler is operated with the use of just one button. The dock levelers can be supplied in many dimensions, load capacities and working ranges. A full range of options and operating methods are available to offer a solution for every customer bespoke situation.
For details, contact Ronak Chauhan (Sales Manager of Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd) on Mob: 084509 66133; or email:
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