ACE Tower Cranes- Building SMART PREFAB HOMES

Providing necessary impetus for safe, speedy and smart execution of housing projects, ACE Tower Cranes are building the Smart Prefab Homes in India.
ACE Tower Cranes- Building SMART PREFAB HOMES
Providing necessary impetus for safe, speedy and smart execution of housing projects, ACE Tower Cranes are building the Smart Prefab Homes in India.
Prefabrication construction is playing a vital role in building the infrastructure of India. Globally, this innovative concept has been significantly adopted by the construction industry, Burj Khalifa and Sydney Opera being some of the best internationally acclaimed prefab structures across the globe. ACE, India’s No. 1 crane brand, is riding the prefab construction wave in country by manufacturing intelligent and cost-effective tower cranes, which are an integral requirement for safe, speedy and smart execution of housing and urban infrastructure projects.
India’s one of the most ambitious and talked-about real-estate projects, the Central Park- Flower Valley Project, is the finest examples of prefab construction. To assemble the prefabricated concrete structures of its much-coveted Flower Valley Housing project, Central Park joined hands with ACE-Action Construction Equipment, the “Market leader of Tower Cranes” in India. The fastest growing ultra-luxury realty brand has a well established presence in NCR region of India. Till date, it has delivered 5.5 million sq. ft. luxury residential properties in many prominent locations of Gurugram (Haryana). By integrating specially manufactured ACE Tower Cranes in its business model, they have recorded dramatic rise in the speed of construction and scale of developments, while reducing the overall project cost significantly. A fine blend of technologies tailored to maximise customer’s convenience and optimised space utilisation make these homes, the smartest way of living. 
“In prefab construction method, the building components are prefabricated offsite on an assembly line using advanced tools and equipment. Thereafter, they are transported to the construction site where they are erected using specialised Tower Cranes,” informed Mayank Pundir, Country Head - Tower Cranes at ACE. 
“Fabricated with precision, these unique range of Precast Intelligent Homes, are ready to establish a new benchmark in luxury living. Following the suit, many major real-estate players are also upgrading themselves towards using precast construction methods as it helps in expedited completion of massive residential projects with minimum labour and zero material waste,” he added.
A win-win association- ACE & Central Park 
To assemble its prefabricated concrete structures, Central Park joined hands with ACE-Action Construction Equipment, the market leader of tower cranes in India. Mahesh Pathak, (P&M-DGM) of Flower Valley Project, informed, “Tower cranes do 90 per cent of the construction work hence it's important to have tower cranes from a brand you can trust in terms of quality and aftersales services. Hence, ACE became an inevitable choice for us. The specialised TC 7054-16T Travelling type tower crane with 62.5 mts Free Standing Height and lifting capacity of 3T @ 70 mts Radius was developed in the ACE’s manufacturing facility at Faridabad. For providing the necessary lifting speed and strength, a dedicated engineering team was formed to design these Cranes. The most notable feature of the cranes designed for this project is their high capacity, which stands out in a country where lower capacity units constitute the vast majority of cranes population. The high capacity cranes with higher safety standards are mandatorily required to handle heavy structures and providing high degree of precision in prefabricated buildings. To accommodate them, longer jibs are needed. Although Central Park plans to use them with 50m Boom, a configuration which delivers 6.7T tip load. Before delivery, ACE tested this special crane at 110 per cent capacity to ensure it performs flawlessly at 100 per cent capacity.
Mahesh Pathak informed, “The rugged and reliable ACE Tower Cranes was a boon for us. Through their consistent support and excellent customer service, they ensured that our iconic project gets kicked off successfully.” With a dedicated 24x7 technical support from ACE, the project was completed in just nine months, ahead of deadline, he further added. 
“I believe, that the coming decade belongs to prefabrication construction techniques. As per a research report by IBEF, the real estate sector of India is expected to reach a market size of $ 1 trillion by 2030 from $ 120 billion in 2017, contributing 13 % of the country’s GDP by 2025. Besides, hospitality, retail and commercial real estate sectors are also growing significantly, providing the much-needed boost to India’s growing infrastructure needs. The government’s ambitious project of building 20 million affordable houses and 98 smart cities by 2022 will see the construction and manufacturing industries confluence further to create an ecosystem for increased innovation and technology adoption. Thus, prefabrication will not be just a key enabler in mission “Digital India” but will also act as the key catalyst in overall infrastructural development,” concluded Mayank Pundir of ACE.
(Communication provided by the management of the company)
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