COSMOS to set up technology park for Indian machine tools industry in Vadodara

The technology park - to be built with an investment of Rs 100 crore, will have the various plants producing key components to manufacture CNC machine tools.
COSMOS to set up technology park for Indian machine tools industry in Vadodara
Vadodara (Gujarat)

The Vadodara based COSMOS group - which is India’s leading machine tool manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in the Machine Tool Industry in India and 20 years of manufacturing experience - have started its Phase-I construction of its state-of-the-art technology park at Ranu village, in Vadodara district of Gujarat. The company is investing close to Rs 100 crore to set up this technology park which covers 15 acres of land area.

The entire project, which is targeted to be completed in three phases, is expected to be operationalised by 2022. Although, COSMOS will hire a large number of engineers and technicians for its tech-park, it would hire professionals in phased manner. The technology park will have the various plants producing key components to manufacture CNC machine tools. It will also have R&D Division, which will be the growth driver for their future business. In this, COSMOS have already tied up for the technology alliance with some of the top machine tool industry leaders in the world. 

With this ambitious venture, COSMOS hopes to play a key role in the growth of Indian industry in the fields of the automobile, infrastructure, power & steel, electronics, aerospace & medical implants. 

COSMOS Group is dedicated towards its efforts for social and environmental issues to enrich the quality life of the community they serve. So, the tech-park will take a lead in green initiatives and so will be surrounded by greenery all over the campus. They also have plans to create a rainforest facility. COSMOS tech-park is aimed at improving the synergy among its various divisions and bring the majority of its operations to a single campus. 

Nagesh Velaga, Director, COSMOS, said, “Technology parks will enable interaction of our group companies to work in harmony to evolve new technologies starting from inventions. A lot of employment generation will take place too due to setting up of this tech park. The COSMOS Technology Park at Vadodara in Gujarat will be the hub of several key businesses of the COSMOS group. The 15 acres Tech Park will offer single point design, engineering and development solutions to the core sector industry.”

He added, “COSMOS Technology Park will enable COSMOS to have all manufacturing process under one roof for best control of systems, quality & delivery as per our customer needs.” Joint ventures with Long term associations with International Machine tool companies and over 800 employees, are significant milestones in the growth story of the Group. 

Established in 1987, COSMOS Group was started as a small outfit selling high performance cutting tool solutions. Encouraged by the support and feedback of its customers, the company expanded its sales portfolio to include CNC machine tools. Over the years, COSMOS Group has ventured into the field of manufacturing with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to manufacture machine tool accessories, precision components & CNC machine tools for local market, with time it started exporting technologies to various countries in Europe, Americas & South East Asia, and has become a leading ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturing solution provided in the field of engineering contract manufacturing of precision machined components & assemblies. 

In last 27 years, COSMOS has represented the top machine tool manufactures from Taiwan & Japan. This association has helped team COSMOS to bring more productive and reliable technology to its customers, who have been greatly benefited. COSMOS provides advanced technological solutions to various industries like automobile, die & mould, power, steel, material handling, infrastructure, electronics & medical.

To pave the way for even greater development with stronger base, COSMOS has made substantial investments in setting up three manufacturing units over the last 20 years. A precision component manufacturing company followed by a joint venture for manufacturing of machine tool accessories and finally a machine tool manufacturing company producing state-of-the-art machine tools. 

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