Pull Cord Wire Rope

Pull Cord Wire Rope

Techno (India)

Wherever there is a Belt Conveyor - A safety device that is required, pull cord wire rope is needed all along with conveyor to attach with the switches for stopping the conveyor instantly by pulling the wire rope from any point where switches are installed. It is made from galvanized wire rope with high tensile strength, good flexibility, and low elongation. Besides the regular conveyor belt rope, the company can provide the specific conveyor belt rope according to the customers’ specifications of tensile strength and construction.

Pull cord wire: 6 X 7 galvanised wire construction, diameter 3 mm(1/8”) covered with PVC coating 2-3 mm ,total diameter approx 5-6 mm and bunched around jute thread in the core to maintain flexibility and specially extruded for material handling plant use. The company manufacture fine quality Pull Cord Wire rope .

The wire ropes which are made of galvanised wire are bunched neatly by their experience production team and the ropes are PVC insulated and is available in 250 m length. Jumbo packing for bulk users are also available. This PVC insulated wire rope meets various international standards and specifications. Highly safety factors, compact construction, highly flexible but strong enough.

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