Mobile Scaffolding Tower

Mobile Scaffolding Tower

Alco Aluminium Ladders Private Limited

Alco Aluminium Ladders Pvt Ltd offers a Mobile Scaffolding Tower, Model AL 122. A combination of ladder and safety work platform for 4 persons, this tower can be assembled/dismantled within a short time without any tools, and the kit can be stored in a small space. The all detachable scaffolding components are alloy aluminium fully welded and strong – cannot twist or break – and have a high load bearing capacity, long lasting and maintenance free. Also available additional 'H' frames, horizontal braces, diagonal braces, platforms, stabilisers, breakable and adjustable board, staircase ladder, cantilever and store trolley with toe bar handle to store and lock all the materials.

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  • H frames with spigot made up of 50 mm dia pipes are connected with T joints aluminium welded
  • The working platform made of rectangular sections and claws with trap door could be placed at any required height
  • The staircase ladder with flat non slip corrugated steps is fitted with claws and adjustable detachable hinges
  • Adjustable cantilever for convenience fitted with clamps, safety railing and long platform for two persons only
  • Breakable wheels heavy-duty with 12" adjustment for uneven areas like steps, staircase and stopping ramp
  • Auto locking snap braces spring loaded horizontally diagonally aluminium welded full strength
  • Stabilizers can be connected to the structure with spring loaded clamps, handles and rubber bungs Safety toe board with 5" height of hard wood, with paint or acrylic sheet detachable with clamps
  • Store trolley with steel structure complete covered with two lockable doors, for wheels and toe bar handle
  • Steel painted jacks system with 12" adjustment in base frame for heavy load and tightened scaffoldings

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