Eot Cranes, Single Girder

Eot Cranes, Single Girder

Simplex Castings Limited

Simplex Cranoist manufactures a range of single girder EOT Cranes, also known as electric overhead travelling cranes. These are designed in accordance with IS 807, IS 3177, code of practice for design, manufacturing, erection, testing of structural part of the crane, and IS 3177 code of practice for design of overhead travelling crane. In the design of components adequate factors of safety as per relevant code is allowed impact, fatigue, wear and stress concentration factors are taken whenever applicable. All drives are designed to give sound and efficient performance. Structural steel is used in the manufacturing of crane confirming to IS 2062 or equivalent. The bridge girder is fabricated from ISMB/box type construction in the manufacturing. The maximum deflection of the bridge girder is limited to span/1000 of the live loads. Bridge girder is designed to sustain stresses created due to vertical and central forces with impact. Simplex Cranoist Pvt Ltd is a manufacturers and exporter engaged in manufacturing of various material handling equipment. Established in the year 2005, the company started producing EOT cranes/hoists/lifts up to 100T (max). In a short span of time the company has several installations in all types of industries, i.e., steel, power, cement, fertilizers, railways, etc. For further information contact:

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