Electric Stacker (AC Drive)

Electric Stacker (AC Drive)

Nilkamal Limited

Nilkamal electric stacker is designed for the good stability, which is possibly the most important single safety factor in stacker operation – a seven-support concept with an integral low centre of gravity has resulted in an inherently safe stacker. The simple-to-use German made multi-function handle lets the operator concentrate on load handling in comfort, without worrying about stacker control. The non-linear function of forward and reverse speeds allows progressive acceleration, useful in confined spaces or narrow aisles. Electronic braking ensures good stopping ability and safe, smooth operation, with less chance of damage to the stacker or to the load. Regenerative braking is also provided as standard for greater efficiency and safety. A stand-on platform with safety bar helps to reduce fatigue on long shift operations. German mast on the stacker would not distort or corrode and the rollers are skid resistant resulting in smooth operation. Vibration proof connections to the electronic controller reduce the likelihood of intermittent faults and a damped shock absorber system reduces the vibrations transmitted to the driver to a minimum, even on rough flooring. The state-of-the-art Curtis Mosfet controller represents the latest in performance and speed adjustment. Various parameters can be set to suit the performance to the type of load, the site conditions and to the operator's experience. Only high quality components such as drive motor, pump motor, contractors, micro-switch, plug and power-off switch are used so as to increase reliability. Electronic systems are carefully protected within the chassis body, safe from external damage.

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