Dual Line Dose Feeders

Dual Line Dose Feeders

Lubrite Industries

Lubrite Industries, in Phagwara, offers dual line dose feeders with adjustable measuring valve blocks employed in the centralised two-line grease lubrication systems to deliver measured quantity of lubricant to the bearing points under preset pressure. These are mounted across the two lines and the outlet are connected to the bearing points by means of suitable pipe line. During operation grease enters through one of the inlets and subsequently pushes the shuttle valve up, there by opening the port via the under cut of the shuttle valve. Grease now enters through port into the bottom of chamber and pushes the piston up. Consequently, grease collected in the top of chamber during the earlier cycle is pushed out by the piston in its upward movement through the second port via the under cut of shuttle valve, horizontal cross bore and finally out of the feeder through the outlet. In the next cycle similarly grease enters through the other inlet and pushes shuttle valve down and enters top of chamber through the second port and pushes the piston down, thereby driving out the grease collected in the bottom of chamber.

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