Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Roy & Birdi Engineers

Roy & Birdi Engineers manufacture Electric Wire Rope Hoists of general design conforming to IS: 3938 and IS: 807. These hoists comprises of: frame – fabricated from steel plates and sections of very robust construction machined and bolted; rope drum – made from seamless, steel pipe or fabricated steel plates revolves on heavy duty self-aligning roller bearings, drum size corresponds to relevant ISS; steel fabricated rope guide leads the rope into the spiral grooves in the drum and retains it in the grooves preventing over lapping on or loosening off the drum; helical gears are accurately cut by generating process on gear hobby and gear shaping machines from EN-24/SAE 8620 and gears from medium carbon steels EN 8/EN 9; gears are further case hardened as to withstand impact loads and high resistance to wear. gears are mounted on ball bearings so as to give very smooth and silent running; the gears are totally enclosed and running in oil bath along with bearings for constant lubrication; wire rope – ungalvanised extra flexible wire rope of 6/37 construction of breaking strength of 160/175 kg/mm² made of best plough steel confirming to IS: 2266 with factor of safety appropriate to the class of duty is used with every wire rope hoist; motor – hoist duty, squirrel cage induction motors, with high starting torque, totally enclosed and fan cooled, continuously rated suitable for frequent reversing and breaking are provided; motors are suitable for 3 phase, 415 V, 50 Hz, AC supply and conform to IS: 325; and adjustable, self-resetting, automatic, electro magnetic disc or shoe type brakes of minimum torque capacity of 150% of hoist motor torque of 125% of cross travel motor torque are equipped for respective motor. Roy & Birdi Engineers a manufacturing company of Cranes and Electric Hoist set up in the year 1982. We are specialist in Material Handling Equipments like Gear Coupling, Resistance Box, Gear Box, etc. Roy & Birdi's existence in the market for more than a decade is on greater satisfaction of customer as we render very prompt and efficient after sale services to the customers. Roy & Birdi is glad to inform you that because of our steady growth during the years and for more business opportunity we are shortly entering into more challenging market.

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