Crane Brain

Crane Brain

Reva Industries Limited

Reva Industries Limited has launched the Reva Crane Brain programme. The programmable Reva Crane Brain, equipped with state-of-the-art Internet of Things, provides electronic protection, control aids and online monitoring, making lifting and shifting loads safer, more productive and reducing maintenance costs, effectively not only reducing operating and maintenance costs but also drastically reducing risk of accidents. The Reva Crane Brain facilitates controlled travelling, optimising load handling by radio remote using duplex communication.

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Extended speed range:
  • The unused motor power in light-load conditions (when hoisting smaller loads) is used to increase the maximum possible hoist speed thereby optimising cycle times. The ‘car or rocket’ – or something in between – calculation is done automatically and continuously, achieving safe and rapid load handling.
  Rope slackening prevention:
  • The rope slackening prevention feature lets the Reva crane brain detect itself when the load has reached the ground and automatically stops the lowering process resulting in increased productivity. It enhances safety and reduces the risk of damage and entanglement of the rope on the pulleys, keeping below the hook devices in position.
  • The load positioning can be done with extreme precision by using predefined steps, with selectable step dimensions. Once inching is selected on the crane brain, the hoist moves – step by step – only in the direction of the button pressed and for the distance limited by inching.
  Jerk load prevention:
  • It prevents jerk load in any condition on the crane by reducing the lifting speed. Due to this feature the load is hoisted with safety, smoothly in a stable manner and also eliminates stresses on the lifting components of the crane.
  Load limiter:
  • It is not always possible to operate the crane on full load. User can restrict the load carrying capacity. This will also provide precise mechanical overload protection.
  Radio remote:
  • Duplex mode communication radio remote has been used, providing 2-way communication.
  Internet of Things remote monitoring:
  • All parameters pertaining to the hoist operation, condition are uploaded to a website which a user can monitor on his computer or mobile.

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