Lifting Eyes

Lifting Eyes

IBK Engineers Private Limited

IBK Engineers Pvt Ltd offers a range of Lifting Eyes – forged steel eyebolts with an integral shoulder for greater strength. These simple, economical lifting devices are suitable for vertical lifting in-line with the threaded bolt, such as when lifting from a single point or from two points with a spreader bar. For lifting at an angle, swivel hoist rings should be used instead. Manufactured and tested according to ASTM A489 and ANSI B18.15 specifications. Safety factor = 5:1. Made in USA, the lifting eye should be inspected before each use for possible defect and installed by a person trained in the installation of lifting devices. The tapped receiving hole should be countersunk, free of any debris, and deep enough to ensure proper shoulder seating. Firm hand tightening is recommended for installation; do not use wrenches or bars. Angular lifting should be avoided, because angular lifts significantly reduce rated capacity. Any angular loads must be radial in the plane of the eye, never at an angle to that plane. A steel washer or shim may be used under the shoulder to achieve proper eye orientation, but its thickness should not exceed one thread pitch. A washer may also be required to ensure flush seating on cough mounting surfaces. Do not exceed rated load capacity. Maximum load rating applies to straight vertical lifting only. Lifting at an angle reduces load rating significantly - see table below for reduced load rating at 45° (this reduced rating should be used for any lift other than at 0° vertical). Do not work, stand, or crawl near the load of a lifting eye. Do not use a lifting eye to lift a load that can rotate; swivel hoist rings should be used for such loads. Do not shock load lifting eyes; instead gradually increase lifting of the load to minimize load shock. Do not force hooks or any other fittings into the eye; they must fit freely. Do not weld or machine lifting eyes, or perform any repair. Do not expose lifting eyes to extreme temperatures or environmental conditions, as this may permanently reduce load capacity. Periodic inspection of installed lifting eyes is highly recommended.

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