Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

Advance Dynamics

Advance Dynamics offers a range of screw conveyors with many inherent advantages. These include: inter changeability of parts, greater ease of assembly, smoother operation and longer life. The conveyor screw is compact (no return run), manufactured straight and accurate in helicoid, sectional, ribbon and special designs to meet user requirements. Other features: job-rated components – selected to meet the performance required, and precisely worked to ensure a longer lasting, truer running unit; hangers and bearings – various styles and bearing materials are selected to meet user needs; "Nu-weld" flange – continuously welded steel flange holds the trough in perfect alignment; jig-drilled couplings – assure easy shaft alignment and assembly; available with "Redi-change" clamping key for quick disconnect coupling; troughs, covers and fasteners – ruggedly constructed "U" flared and tubular troughs with covers, trough ends and fasteners ideally matched to actual needs; discharge spouts – all types available located where one needs them; and thrust bearings – long life heavy duty bearings for every type of service.

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