Double Sided Tissue Tape.

Double Sided Tissue Tape.

Decofix Papers And Tapes

Decofix Papers And Tapes offers Double Sided Tissue Tape. The tape is made of tissue paper both side coated acrylic water or solvent based adhesives and laminated with double side release paper. This tape is used is show and leather industry, foam industry, postal service, label and lot of other uses. Double Sided Tissue Tape like: Suitable use for plastic, textile, paper, PVC, foam (Sponge), printing finishing, sign making, fabric, card board, name plate, interior decorative and so forth. Not suitable use for both of solid and hard surfaces, as double-sided rubber tape is recommended to be used.  High initial tack, provide persistent performance and excellent wetting tack,  power to various soft and flexible materials. Endurance in the condition of hot and cold and/or sudden change of the temperature.

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