Turbo Washer

Turbo Washer

Panchal Plastic Machinery Private Limited

Turbo Washer is designed for processing plastic grinded waste like film, tape, rigid material like grinded bottle, crates, drums, barrels, etc. which was with high intensive friction for better quality & remove oily surface contents etc. Turbo-wash replaces the pre-washing tank of the first-generation washing plants. The machine is designed according to the principles of a vertical centrifuge and includes a combination of washing and a subsequent initial drying action. It is therefore possible to process very dirty pre-shredded material with high paper content and aluminum foil residues. This also improves the recovery rate of the sink float tank.

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Model Drum Size (inches) Rotating Type Motor HP Production/Output kg/hr
PPM-24/30TW 24 inches Friction 25 HP 100 kg/hr
PPM-32/39TW  32 inches Friction 50 HP 250 kg/hr
PPM-40/42TW 40 inches Friction 75 HP 500 kg/hr

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