Automotive Parts Washing/Cleaning Systems

Automotive Parts Washing/Cleaning Systems

Crest Ultrasonics India Private Limited

Crest Ultrasonics India Pvt Ltd offers Automotive Parts Washing/Cleaning Systems available in Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous — Manual, Automated, and Customised options. Most automotive machined parts need proper cleaning to make the surface free of contamination (oil, metal chips, casting dust, dirt, etc). The system offers the convenience of an all-in-one, wash-rinse-dry design with a single-point facility connection for easy installation. The 4-station wash-rinse-rinse-dry is ideal for cleaning at the microscopic level; and 5-station wash-wash-rinse-rinse-dry system is configured for dual process or semi-aqueous precision cleaning applications.

Every manual console includes: manually adjustable digital temperature and timing controls; small footprint with 316L stainless steel tanks and standard wire baskets; and latest auto tuned ultrasonic generators high-efficiency recirculating hot air dryer(s) and sliding dryer cover.

The company’s free custom consulting – including laboratory testing – ensures users can overcome any cleaning challenge. This entire custom consulting effort – worth thousands of dollars in time and materials – costs the user absolutely nothing. Affordable yet exceptional precision cleaning for any small parts or objects. Patented push pull resonator (solid rod type) can be used in existing washing tank to enhance cleaning quality without investing in whole new washing system.

Advantages: exceptionally long lifetime assured by solid resonator (3 times that of traditional transducers); very high efficiency (>97%), permitting cost savings through the reduction in energy consumption; installation in vacuum or over pressure environment possible; automatic internal identification for dry-running condition without additional wiring; and ideal retrofit for large tanks.

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