Barrier Washer

Barrier Washer

United Machines India Private Limited

United Machines India Pvt Ltd offers Barrier Washer. Barrier washers offer an ideal solution for sites that need to achieve a high level of hygiene by keeping soiled and clean linen completely separate so reducing any chance of cross infection in linen. Barrier washers are the ideal washing solution for nursing homes, hospitals, and food manufacturing sites where there is a high requirement for reducing cross contamination from linen. Barrier washers feature a dual access system whereby soiled laundry is loaded on one side of the machine and can only be unloaded at the end of the cycle from the opposite 'clean' side of the machine. ALMAC barrier machine with clean/unclean sides is a provides the ideal solution for processing laundry in retirement and care homes, hospitals and laundries. ALMAC barrier washer extractors are designed to Reduces risk of Hospital-Acquired-Infection (HAI) in hospital theatre linen laundries.The 6th generation microprocessors enables a simple and easy to use control system for the user. This free-standing machine has a stainless-steel cabinet, drum and tub. The door of this machine is big enough to allow easy loading and unloading of clothes. The machine is equipped with liquid detergent signals as standard. The inner/outer drums and partition fabricated from SS304 and robot welded to achieve unparalleled precision and balance. The automatic drum positioning aligns inner drum door to outer door, enhances operator safety and the need to position inner drum with bare hands. It also has automatic outer door locking and unlocking with pneumatic system and the largest inner drum door, making loading and unloading operations fast and easy. The washing stuff can be put into the washer through the inlet of the unclean area while after washing they can be taken out through the outlet of the clean area. This is an ideal solution for sanitary washing in hospitals because it can prevent the washing stuff from being contaminated after cleaned by the germs during the loading and unloading process in the un-clean area. Our Barrier Washers can also be utilized for dustless washing and well meet the dustless environment requirements of pharmaceutical factories, high-tech manufacturing plants as well as some food processing factories.

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