Spatter Remover 511

Spatter Remover 511

Krystal Surface Solution

Krystal Surface Solution offers Spatter Remover 511, an innovative product that has transformed the welding methods. This is silicone free, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-polluting – welding anti spatter and flux in emulsion form, to be applied before starting the welding procedure for achieving the following benefits: grinding and chipping not needed for removing spatters; slag are easily removed; drastic reduction in cleaning cost; dense and clean weld joint; gaseous and non-metallic inclusions are minimized; tremendous improvement in the efficiency of welder; gently removes spatters thus maintains smooth parent surface; eco-friendly product as it is free from chipping and grinding procedure; preferred by ISO-14000 organization, no health hazards thus safe for welders; and enhances mechanical and metallurgical properties of weld metal. Spatter Remover 511 is time-tested by NABL recognised lab in Mumbai, India whose results are officially approved by several government departments and chief inspection agencies. It has proven efficiency having undergone various mechanical tests such as bend test, load test, tensile test and radiography test, showing advancement in weld joint quality when used. Due to this technological breakthrough product, users can completely eliminate laborious and time-consuming chipping and grinding operations required for removing weld spatters thereby obtain better weld joint quality.

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