Pickling Sprayble Gel

Pickling Sprayble Gel

Krystal Surface Solution

Krystal Surface Solution, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, offers StarTM Spray – stainless steel Pickling Spray in Gel form, also available in paste form. This is used for stainless steel tank, vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, pipelines, etc. This product is tested and approved by IIT Mumbai under ASTM A380 standards. Star Spray in semi-gel form is extremely safe and easy to use. It is used for cleaning large fabricated equipments such as SS vessels, dairy machinery, dryers, agitators, and internals and externals of pipes with the help of pump or pressurised plastic spray bottle. Simultaneously, it also removes ferritic contamination, weld burns, and annealing colours. Krystal Surface Solution specialises in superior quality pickling and passivation, pickling gel, pickling paste, stainless steel weld cleaner, stainless steel pickling gel, and stainless steel pickling paste, pickling passivation gel, SS pickling paste, electro polishing, metal pickling, and silicon free innovative welding products. The company renders complete metal treatment solutions, supply chemicals and equipments for safe in-house pickling and passivation for all kinds of job capacities.

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