Vacuum Generators with Integrated IO-Link

Vacuum Generators with Integrated IO-Link

Schmalz India Private Limited

Schmalz India Pvt Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of M/s J Schmalz GmbH, Germany, offers X-Pump, the new generation of Vacuum Generators with integrated IO-Link technology to optimise robot-assisted handling of sheet metal parts. To increase performance while handling sheet metal parts, such as in the pressing plant or as part of bodyshell work for automobiles, the company has continued to develop the high-powered X-Pump (SXP/SXMP) vacuum ejectors and equipped them with additional functions. Increased suction power combined with an integrated blow-off system now enable even faster handling cycles which leads to an increase in material throughput per unit of time. The design of the new X-Pump was optimized with respect to weight. Especially sturdy, maintenance-free and wear-free, the X-Pump vacuum generator proves its worth in hard multi-shift operation under extreme conditions. A feature that has already proven itself is the integrated air-saving function, which switches off the suction function once a defined vacuum value has been reached and reactivates it once a certain leakage value has been exceeded. With this feature, the user can significantly reduce costs related to the consumption of compressed air. The integrated IO-Link technology is a new feature that allows the entire vacuum handling process to be mapped electronically and controlled and monitored from a higher-level control station: handling cycles, valve activities, evacuation times and control cycles. This allows process errors and subtle changes to be recognized and localized early on. If condition monitoring notifies the user, the user can then initiate preventative maintenance. Servicing measures can be planned accordingly and costly machine downtime can be reduced thereby increase the productivity. The new X-Pump is available with NO, NC or IMP valve technology and can be adapted to a wide range of machine designs – even in combination with devices that do not (yet) support IO-Link in all common automation and field-bus systems.

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